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How lovely to be a woman

"So, is your boyfriend going to be looking for you?" Will and Liv are now playing a game of pool. Blue chalk always goes best with a white gown, I find. "Josh? He's not my boyfriend. He's my friend." Liv almost scratches, but they cut away before she does. Song of Relief (for Piano) begins playing as Liv asks where Will's date is. He says she's just a friend, too. "So, where you from?" she asks. "Planet Earth," Will says. Liv laughs. "I know what you mean. I lived on three continents before I was twelve." Wow, she's pale. I turn over and go back to sleep. She asks him how he learned "so much poetry." "The Universe is a dictionary of information." Oh, God. She asks if she knows him from St. Bart's. We see her actually hit the ball this time, and it hits the wall and then stops. There was no shot in her shot. "I'm seeing a tiny baby-blue bikini," he smiles. She laughs. "You'd better tell me or I'm gonna --" "What?" Will asks while bending over the table. "Do something naughty to you," she smiles. Give me a fucking break. Will blinks. She licks her lips. She starts asking places where she might have known him. He says no until she just assumes where he went to school. She says she understands, and that she doesn't "like to brag about it either." Will walks over to say something, but she stops and asks if he'll be honest with her. She asks if he was going to ask her to the cotillion yesterday. "Yeah," he says. "I was hoping you were," she whispers. Lip lick. "Hey, will you dance with me?" They smile.

Random shots of the dance. Bella walks through the crowd, still upset. She sees a harlot who dares to wear pink at an all-white dance. One boy has his arm around her and she's feeling the chest of another. Oh, it's her sister Grace. She runs up and asks what she's doing there. "Knitting a sweater, what does it look like I'm doing?" Wait, she's like, thirteen, right? Damn. These kids are destined to be pregnant by sixteen. Bella says that Grace was supposed to be waiting for the gas delivery. Grace says it's not until midnight and to "chill out." Bella checks arm-dude's watch and says, "Well, that's great, Grace, because you have a whole six minutes." Grace is amazed, and checks the watch herself. Oh, six minutes until midnight, Sinderbella. Hurry back before your brother turns into a titmouse. Grace says she'll call them and reschedule. Bella explains that it'll take days to get the gas delivered later and that they can't afford that. So, their dad left a fifteen-year-old and a thirteen-year-old home alone to run the gas station? Child Protective Services were a lot more lax in 1962, I guess. Bella storms off as Grace tells her boys, "She's so uptight."

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Young Americans




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