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How lovely to be a woman

Coke commercial.

Will rides Bella home on the handlebars of his bike. She's grilling him on Liv. They pull up to the station just as the gas truck takes off. They miss the truck. Will apologizes. Sean walks from behind the station. He says that she looks incredible. She asks what he's doing there. He says he was just hanging out after the game and he knew she was at the dance and "Grace was Grace," and he saw the truck pull up. He hands her the receipt for the gas. Will smiles approvingly. Bella smiles and says, "Where have you been?" "I told you, at the game." He may know how to sign his name, but our boy Sean's not too bright, is he? Bella looks a bit disgusted at how dumb Sean's last line was. "All right, guys, that's my cue," Will says. He says he's got to take the bike back. "Before it turns into a pumpkin?" Bella smiles. SHUT UP. ALL OF YOU. STOP TALKING AND TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES IMMEDIATELY. Will leaves. Sean asks how the dance was. Bella says it was nice, but she never got to actually dance. He says he'll ruin her outfit. "Oh, you didn't care when I was filthy." What? "I wasn't wearing a nice dress." "You never looked better." What does this mean? "Besides, there's no music." She exhales and starts singing The Way You Look Tonight. Well, someone does. She's mouthing it, anyway. They start dancing and giggling.

The swing band picks up as Will walks into his dorm room and finds Liv. She hands him back his wallet. She says she was going to drop it off at his Cedar Street address, but then she thought she'd go to the dorm and ask why he lied. He said he didn't lie. She said he "concealed the truth." That's a good one. I'll have to remember that. He says she was so set on finding a connection he didn't think she'd be interested in him. See, it's her fault. She says that he didn't give her a chance. She says that if he's trying to fit in with all the "phonies around here, then congratulations. [He's] succeeded." She walks off.

Terri is in her underwear again, pacing in her darkened room.

Verve is staring into nothing.

Scout stands at the dance and Paige walks up behind him. They dance, but Scout isn't happy.

Bella is, however, and is nuzzling with Sean.

Paige and Scout dance.

Sean and Bella dance on the empty Main Street.

Terri writes a letter as the song comes to a close. She hears a knocking on her door. She answers it. It's Verve. He storms in, walks back to her at the doorway and says, "If you were a guy, I would punch you." "Well, what's the point?" she asks, ruffling her hair. "See? I'm not." Verve grabs her head and pulls her off the ground into a hungry kiss. I'm embellishing, because I'm just glad to see some kissing, really. They show Verve and Terri kissing through the open window.

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Young Americans




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