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How lovely to be a woman

Deep breath, we just hit commercial.

Creepy teacher alert. Will sits in a chair thumbing through the phone book. Finn leans in and says, "Ah, a classic." Will, always the first one to get a joke, says, "Not really." He says that he's looking for a tux that he needs in like, a couple of hours. Good going, Will. He asks if Finn has any ideas. Finn takes this moment to get ultra-creepy and squinty and smiley and says, "I might."

Cue the Steel Drums of Non-Gay Love. Oh, I just realized why they kept LA girl on for another episode. They need the Sherilyn Fenn character from Just One of the Guys. She runs up to Verve and asks who he's going to the dance with. He says he's not going with anyone. She asks why he's not going with Terri. He asks why he would do such a thing. She says that she was going to ask Terri, but she "doesn't seem interested in either of us." "What are you talking about?" LA Girl says that since she doesn't have a date she was wondering if he'd like to go with her instead. Terri walks up at that moment and listens to the two of them make plans to go to the dance. When is class? Seriously. LA Girl walks off, and Verve says that she was going alone, so he decided to go with her. He asks if Terri is going with anyone. She says that no, she's going to skip it. "And besides, the only person I had my eye on is going with someone else, so..." Verve gives Terri a deep glare. Verve holds up his history book and says, "History," over the incredibly loud Steel Drums of Non-Gay Love. They smile at each other and Verve walks off. Terri turns to him and bites her lip.

More Creepiness Than We Can Handle. Will stands in Finn's room (I'm guessing) wearing socks, boxer shorts, a black t-shirt and a jacket. Finn stands behind him and looks on approvingly. "A shoeless Cary Grant," Finn says. Will laughs and says, "I was thinking more of like a gunless James Bond." Funny, I was thinking more like a "hairless Don Johnson." Finn looks down and blushes as Will tells him how much he appreciates the suit. He asks Finn if he thinks he'll "ever actually own [a tux]." Finn licks his lips and says, "Yeah, I do." I get the shivers. Finn holds up the pants and tells Will he's going to need them. Man, this is fucking weird. They both stare at the pants for a few minutes and laugh.

A girl paints her toenails. Bella finishes with a car and walks over to her. She says that she'll cover her shift tonight if she promises to be back by midnight (oh, the Cinderbella shit here is so stupid) to be there when the gas shipment arrives. Toenail girl is Bella's little sister Grace. Grace asks how Bella could have plans. Bella says that she's going to the cotillion with Will. Grace asks how Sean feels about that. Bella says that Sean "doesn't care about cotillions" and that her and Will are friends. She asks if Grace will cover for her. Grace gives a half-hearted yes. "Grace, can't you act like my sister for just once?" Uh, she is. I guess whoever wrote this never had a little sister. Grace gives her the "Gah, I said 'YES'!" as another car pulls up.

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Young Americans




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