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How lovely to be a woman

"So, do you go to Rawley Academy for Girls?" The pick-up lines! Dreadful! Bella says that she doesn't. The boy asks who she came to the dance with. She tells him Will. "Oh," he says, which comes out like, "I have nothing to worry about, then" and asks if Will would mind if they danced. Bella turns and sees Scout snuggling with Paige. She turns back, smiles, and says, "Maybe later." He agrees and walks off. Bella couldn't dance anyway, what with both of her hands bound by tulle. Close-up on Scout staring at Bella while he dances. She stares back. He looks down at Paige's cleavage. Bella pouts, blinks, pouts, and walks away.

Will walks into a darkened room. He turns on the lights. It's a pool table. He smiles, but I don't know why.

Terri busts in as some strip-tease swing starts playing. She's wearing the tux uniform. She sees Verve and LA Girl walk in across the room at the same time. The one African-American man allowed on Young Americans walks over and shakes Terri's hand.

"Yeah, he's cute," LA Girl says to Verve. "What?" he asks. "Jake. I-got-a-crush-on-him cute. Hell, I'm a fifteen-year-old girl, I got a crush on you. Look at you, you're gorgeous. You both are." Verve and Terri share a smile from across the room. "You're also in love with each other," she says to Verve. "It's like, so obvious." Verve stammers out that they are so "not" and asks her to stop saying things like that. "I had this freshman-girl fantasy that I would somehow end up with one of you, but it's crystal clear that that's not going to happen." You aren't fifteen at the beginning of your freshman year, girlie. Verve says he doesn't know why he agreed to go to the dance with her, but he and Terri are still locking stares. LA Girl tells him to "stop thinking." She rounds out the final unused clichés for Young Americans by saying, "Throw caution to the wind" and "Take the leap while you're still young." She gets the last one in with, "It's time to follow your heart." And that, my friends, is the death of this script. She tries to save it by wiggling her hands and saying that she knows it's "so cliché," but it's too late. She tells Verve to go be with Terri and that she'll be over by the punchbowl. "There's some guy that's been giving me the hairy eyeball all night." I don't think you want to mess with that, but whatever. ["And who wrote that line, my dad?" -- Sars] Now, if this is going to follow true Just One of the Guys form, LA Girl will end up with Will. We'll see. Verve looks around and looks at Terri. Terri is pouting her lips and looking back. So much posturing. Verve walks out of the room. Terri points into her tall black friend's chest a few times and says she'll see him later.

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Young Americans




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