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Wallace entertains some high-rollers (and Michael) in his den with some twenty-year old single malt scotch he got from Lee Iacocca . Michael not only chokes on it, he asks for some Splenda to add to it. Everyone looks at him askance, but just wait until everyone's drinking Johnnie Walker Blue with Sweet & Low.

At Poor Richard's, the gang is playing some bar game I'm not familiar with called Up Jenkins that involves quarters hidden under hands. Roy finds the coin under Pam's hand, and gloats that she can't keep anything from him. Naturally he doesn't notice the guilt-face she makes that indicates she's keeping something from him right now. Meanwhile, at the bar, a bunch of very young people greet Creed like an old friend. That would be because of his fake ID sideline. And also because he is their friend, and old.

At the Wallaces' party, Rachel lets Dwight wander off on his own, so he can do things like test the smoke alarm.

Jim and Karen say goodnight to a departing couple, and Karen admits that she saw the husband while he was separated from his wife. Jim is still playing it cool. "It was before I knew you, so it's fine." Over by the fireplace, Jan is being embarrassed by Michael's babbling to Wallace about Sandals, and drags him off angrily, where she throws him into a corner by his lapels and furiously grits, "Just...just...just...just..." And then she kisses him and drags him into the bathroom. "I thought this was where you liked your privacy," Michael says, confused. And after the ads, Michael refuses to ravish Jan in the bathroom because there's no place to cuddle, so she angrily storms out. Because she is losing it.

Toby joins Pam at her table and presents her with the duck he finally won for her. She asks where he's been all night; she missed him. "Hey, don't you have a daughter?" she asks, giving him back the duck. Oh, poor Toby.

A Wallace kid wakes up in his bed to find a Schrute in his rocking chair, quizzing him about it. He's going to have nightmares for the rest of his life.

Downstairs, Jim watches across the room, increasingly uncomfortable as Karen fiddles with the non-B*G-watching idiot's tie. Suddenly Wallace is standing next to him, inviting him to sneak out back and shoot hoops with him for a bit. Someone's got a crush. Jim goes and tells Karen, who's excited for him, but warns him not to tell Wallace that he's dating Karen. "Because I think he might still have feelings for me," she explains. Finally, Jim can't keep his cool, and asks, "What the hell, have you dated, like, every guy here?" Karen just smiles at him. Fillipelli's revenge! She tells Jim he's actually his first, much to his surprise. "Oh, my God, you're so easy it's not even fun!" she says. Properly pranked, Jim takes off. Jan wanders up to Karen. "Hey, Jan," Karen says. "Not too good," Jan answers. Michael overhears Rachel make a comment about Michael's potato salad, and he THs randomly about that before stopping and abruptly saying, "There's something wrong with Jan." You think?

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