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Out back, Jim and David's guy-bonding is interrupted by the sound of Dwight, up on the roof, kicking the chimney. Jim just continues the game like nothing unusual is going on. Which, from his perspective, working with Dwight every day, it really isn't. Dwight gives us the results of his inspection of the house, summing up, "It was a pretty fun cocktail party."

Pam and Roy are at the bar, and Pam is telling him there can't be secrets between them. Thinking he's about to be accused of something, Roy insists he didn't do anything. Pam just tells him, "I kissed Jim." Maybe you heard something about it. She tries to explain, but Roy's already too pissed off to listen. Pam tells him not to yell. "Don't yell?" he yells, and then throws his glass at the mirror behind the bar. Pam stands up, saying, "This is over." Roy angrily agrees, and gets back to trashing the bar, joined by Kenny for some reason. I didn't think this was what they meant by getting smashed.

After the party, Jan rides next to Michael in the car, talking about how much better it was when their relationship was secret. Michael is theatrically hurt. Jan tells him not to cry. Michael continues his dramatics, until Jan eats shit for some reason, swallowing her pride and telling Michael she didn't mean it. "I love you," Michael says. "Okay," Jan answers. Suddenly Dwight's giant head hovers into view from the back seat and says, "Don't break up, guys. You're great together." Yikes. On many levels.

Roy's in the parking lot outside Poor Richard's, and Kenny comes out to say the cops aren't coming, since he paid the bar owners off with the jet ski money. Too bad that microsubplot didn't also pay off. "I am gonna kill Jim Halpert," Roy vows (spoiler!).

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