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Conflict Resolution

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Conflict Resolution

This is the one that hooked me.

At Reception, Kevin pitches his band to Pam for her wedding. In a TH, Jim insists that he doesn't mind constantly overhearing Pam talking about her wedding preparations. After all, she has to hear him talking about his social life (suuure she does), and they both have to listen to Dwight order deer urine. "So it evens out."

In the break room, Angela overhears Phyllis and Pam talking about Pam's save-the-date cards, and says she hasn't gotten hers yet. In an explanatory TH, Pam explains that she's not inviting everyone. "It's my wedding," she says, "and I don't want anyone there who has called me a hussy." Jeez, bridezilla much?

Michael accepts an unheard compliment from the producers on his Fantastic Sam's haircut and explains, "We're doing ID photos today. Gotta represent."

I should probably mention that the guy taking photos for the ID badges is being played by Scott Adsit. So please consider it mentioned. Phyllis prepares for her photo, and Dwight can't help noticing the amount of makeup she's wearing. "Is that a disguise or something?" he wonders. Dwight then THs that security badges are long overdue. He even tells us about the time he brought his potato gun into the office. "Can you imagine if I was deranged?" Well, I probably could, but I don't want to strain anything.

Michael's got Ryan in his office, trying to get him to swap neckties with him for the ID photo. "Let's...keep our clothes," Ryan says uncomfortably. Suddenly they're interrupted by the sound of Oscar freaking the fuck out all over Toby in the conference room next door. Michael goes in to check it out, and Toby explains that he's just letting Oscar vent about something to do with Angela. Normally Toby uses the break room for stuff like this, but that's been commandeered by the ID photographer. Toby then pulls Michael aside and says that if he just listens, things like this have a way of working themselves out. "What do you know about conflict resolution?" Michael demands. "Your answer to everything is to get divorced." Michael calls Pam in to the conference room, and tells her to bring Angela along. He's taking over. Why work when he can humiliate Toby?

Michael starts this little Oscar vs. Angela session by opening a training manual and making everyone sit there impatiently while he starts describing the various conflict outcomes, beginning with number one, "lose-lose." Angela wants to skip right to number five, "win-win." Michael does her one better and offers "win-win-win," in which Michael also wins for having successfully mediated the conflict. In other words, Michael thinks he just got written permission to make this all about him. Which he normally has to muddle through without.

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