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Donna tells Josh that Carrick held up another fifty-six promotions, and that the Army Secretary wants a meeting. Josh: "Unless the meeting is to strap Chris Carrick to his idiot missile launcher and fling him head-first into an ICBM -- which he'll miss -- then I'm not...." Donna interrupts to say that the Army Secretary is concerned about this becoming public. Josh says he's making it public: he's planning to leak it to "every newspaper in the known universe." Donna's wondering if Josh is sure that's a good idea, but Josh is already marching off, saying that he's calling Carrick's bluff: "I'm making him crawl down here on his knees." Josh says he'll be in the press office. Donna glances back at Josh's door, where Amy's standing forlornly, like the last preschooler to be picked up from day care.

Toby comes back to the bullpen and says to Will, "Sorry about before." Toby seems really uncomfortable and resigned as he tells him, "You have a future...here. Uh...we should talk about it." Will says he'd like to, as they go into Will's office. Toby says, "My portfolio, the speeches, the day-to-day...I'm gonna give it to you." Will: "You're leaving?" He says it more like a statement than a question, though. Toby says he's stepping back to do "big-think" and "work on the legacy." Will: "You're never going to give up the job. You're not capable of giving it up. You could move from Pennsylvania Avenue to the state of Pennsylvania, and...." Toby: "It's a Commonwealth." Will: "Fine, I'm trying to...." They talk over each other a bit and Will says, "I don't want your job!" Toby wants to know why not. Who wouldn't, with all the obvious joy it brings Toby? Will: "'Cause Bartlet's never going to finish the job he started. Name an issue: you're still clawing your way back. Someone has to be ready to take the handoff." Toby looks sad and not terribly surprised: "You took the Russell job." Will doesn't answer in words. He just looks at Toby, who says, "This isn't a line on a résumé. None of us...." He drops his hand and says, "You don't walk away," as he walks out. Will says, "We're on the same team!" Toby definitely does not see it that way: "Yeah, well, maybe we'll print up t-shirts."

C.J. knocks on Leo's door. He looks up and asks if she has her statement on the coal thing. She hands him a copy without meeting his eyes, and informs him that it just went out. She turns to leave as Leo says, "There's a typo in the...." She quickly says that Carol caught it. She asks, "Is that all?" Leo walks behind his desk and says he doesn't like coal any more than C.J. does: "But sometime tomorrow, we're going to get the full results of that poll, and I'm going to have to fix the President a drink and tell him his numbers are crumbling -- that the dogs don't like the dog food -- on the eve of a big budget fight." C.J. knows. Leo continues, "We attack the coal industry, and however many thousand coal miners, and what's our answer? Nuclear? Drill in the Arctic? Forty percent unemployment in West Virginia?" C.J.: "No." Leo: "Like it or not, we're the Saudi Arabia of coal. Coal's what we've got." C.J. walks closer to Leo, but her arms are still folded: "The EPA's an independent agency, Leo." He replies, "The day we don't get blamed for their screwups, that's when we count 'em as independent." C.J. firmly says, "I disagree." Leo says, "Okay." She adds, "And holding your line makes it a two- or three-day story, at the least. The whole room thinks we screwed up whether we admit it or not." Leo sharply says, "You made that point." C.J. continues, "I appreciate your apology, but if I'm going to fulfill my duty to the country, I don't just need to know what you're thinking; I need to know that you're listening to me when I say you made a mistake." Leo makes his position very clear: "I'm not apologizing to you. I'm telling you my thinking as a courtesy. But you work for me. When I make a decision, that's the decision. If you can't back it up, don't go in the Briefing Room." If this were four years ago, C.J.'d be in tears now, but she's holding it together, and is only barely watery-eyed. She says, "We are here to serve the country." Leo states, "We are the country." Wow. Talk about having lost direction. Professor Frink -- who just got home during the last commercial break -- starts singing "We Are The World." C.J. just nods as respectfully as she can and hightails it outta there without another word.

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