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The 101st Senator

Josh arrives at work, as the morning papers are being delivered, to find a story in the Post about him: "The 101st Senator: Bartlet's Point Man on Capitol Hill." Josh walks down the hall engrossed in the article as Donna approaches him, asking if he's read it. Josh claims he's not reading, but comments, "There's some new stuff since the early edition." Donna says it's a great piece. Josh: "It's a puff piece so I'll return the reporter's calls, which I won't." They're updating stuff in a puff piece in subsequent editions? Donna reads excerpts from the article: "'A one-man Congressional majority'; 'Bartlet's legislative juggernaut.'" Josh says it's embarrassing, and that they should be stealing everyone's copies before they read them. His protests ring a little hollow, especially when he adds, "Save one for my mom." This is the season the powers that be finally cast Barbara Barrie as Josh's mother. I can just feel it in my bones. No longer will I be denied! Donna says, "She'll be proud of her little birthday boy." Aw, happy birthday, Josh! Josh is all "no gifts, no parties," please. He wants it to be just another day. Yeah, good luck with that. Donna asks, "Coffee and a...?" Josh: "Yeah, with a...thing." Donna has started telling him what he has to do next when she notices Josh is not wearing a tie. She produces one out of thin air and drapes it across his shoulder. At least someone has the sense to keep some extra clothes at the office. C.J.'s always sending staff home to rummage through her closets. I'll bet they try on her stuff, too. Josh is still engrossed in the puff piece when Donna remarks, "Like your suit, though. Liked it when you wore it yesterday, too." Translation: "I know you're shagging that skank ho again, and don't think I can't smell your desperate confusion." Josh is indifferent to this, as he comments on another story: "Speaker's trying to roll us again on stimulus." He asks, "This story about me sending a Congressman a dead fish wrapped in newspaper -- the Post get this from you?" Donna says no. He reiterates his request for coffee and a "thing." Bagel? Muffin? Doughnut? Scone?

Out in the lobby, someone calls out to Josh, "Great piece in the Post." He's walking along, struggling with his tie, when he runs into Amy, who says, "Your clipping service must be busy today." Josh feigns innocence. Amy asks if being the "101st Senator" is like being the fifth Beatle. Someone else calls out, "Nice profile!" as Josh replies to Amy, "Yeah, I was the one who played sitar and made procedural changes." Amy, "So, listen, Mr. Rip-up-the-Constitution- and-behold-my-awesome-powers..." Wait, won't we need that nickname for Arnie? Josh says he has a meeting. He's still struggling with his tie. Amy: "Mr. Cloture-motions-flow- like-blood- through-my- gavel-wielding-veins..." Huh? Josh doesn't think veins wield gavels. I know they don't. Also, I realize they're trying to hide the pregnancy, but they've got Amy in a long coat throughout the episode, either wearing it or carrying it in front of her abdomen, but isn't it, like, July or August? I mean, it's not like the timeline makes any sense anyway, what with Zoey's three-day abduction spanning from May 7 to the fourth of July, but given that the VPOTUS has just been announced yesterday or whatever, which is being made clear by the same-suit- two-days- in-a-row thing, and that the VPOTUS is still setting up his office and whatever, and that everyone's still talking about Zoey's abduction as if it happened pretty recently, I very much doubt that it's suddenly long-coat weather. It would need to be September or October for that, would it not?

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