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In Stamford, Karen is called away to deal with a vending machine emergency, which provides Andy an opening to turn around and share with Jim his delusions about his "Sam and Diane" relationship with Karen. Which, needless to say, seems to be a lot different from the Andy/Karen relationship as experienced by Karen, Jim, and all other bipedal life forms.

Scranton. Michael hands out another product of Indian culture: color printouts from the Kama Sutra, which we get to see blurred-out versions of. Creed knows the names of some of the positions, which Meredith seems glad to finally learn. "This is the best meeting we have ever had," Kevin gushes. Angela protests, and in the back, Toby is somehow roused from his torpor enough to start gathering up the "inappropriate" pamphlets. Michael bitches about Toby's immaturity in an office TH, saying, "It's just sex. Everybody does it. Including me. With Carol. Probably tonight." Yeah, stupid immature Toby.

At Stamford, Josh is about ready to bike home for the evening, remembering to leave a corporate credit card for Karen to cover dinner. Jim THs to us what that's about -- he, Karen, and Andy have to stay late once a quarter for some contrived office busywork that for some reason can't be done during business hours. "Believe it or not, it's even less interesting than it sounds," he tells us. Taking your word on that, Big Tuna. No sooner is Josh out the door than Andy busts out some shot glasses and a bottle of Jägermeister. Yes, he's holding it with the label pointed away from the camera because even The Office stops short of product-placing hard liquor, but that square, dark green bottle is a dead giveaway. Um, according to my internet research, that is.

The office staff arrives practically en masse at the Diwali celebration, which appears to be held in a high school gymnasium. Sure, the space has been transformed with lavish decorations and it's packed with Indians and Indian-Americans in spectacular traditional clothes, but tomorrow it goes back to being a dodgeball arena. Everyone leaves their shoes in the hall, Kevin getting quite annoyed at Angela's remarks about his foot odor. Michael and Carol arrive right behind them. He's wearing the papier-mâché head and she's in a high school cheerleader costume. Which she can actually pull off. Still, she's kind of pissed at Michael for telling her it was a costume party, and his pointing out of all the saris doesn't seem to help. Kevin mocks her on his way past, and Michael snaps at him as he peels the papier-mâché head off his shoulder. So at least one of them isn't in costume anymore. What a gentleman.

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