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How Grief Protects Itself


Gwen: "I am so excited about how this election day is going!"
Linden: "Campaigner Osmond, I will put a stop to that. Talk to me about keycards."
Gwen: "I lost mine and then got it replaced. Get lost."
Linden: "Campaigner Osmond, if Councilman Richmond was missing for hours that night in Tacoma then what is your alibi."
Gwen: "I was asleep in a bed and breakfast, not anticipating that I was about to have freaky suicide sex with a very wet man."

Linden: "Campaigner Osmond, why did you cancel dinner with Councilmemberperson Ruth Yitanes. She seems droll."
Gwen: "Oh, she's a real broad. She's a handful. But I was too worried about my boyfriend, because of how he was acting nuts. I feel like we've already discussed this."

Linden: "What car did you drive."
Gwen: "My own?"
Holder: "Wrong."
Gwen: "[Backtracks; eats unconvincing shit.]"
Linden: "It would have been nice if you had told us you were driving the Murder Car that day, regardless of what you drove to Tacoma."
Gwen: "[Lies lies lies; Holder keeps pointing out her lies.] Fine! Last time you jerks went down this rabbit hole you got my boss shot and permanently paralyzed, so maybe you should tap the brakes."

Holder: "See, we're not even really coming at you right now. That's just how my partner talks. But on the other hand, you keep lying to us right now."
Linden: "Despite not being a cop and possibly being on the lam from them, I feel confident about threatening you with legal action."
Gwen: "I AM ABOUT TO LOSE IT ON YOU. I am in the middle of the campaign and I don't have time for this. Leave us the fuck alone about Rosie Larsen. Call me tomorrow. Call me never. Just get the hell out of my face! Or I will punish you with shoveling reindeer shit in the Christmas Parade! That is a metaphor!"

Linden: "Well. Gwen Eaton does not seem very forthcoming today."
Holder: "Shit, it's not even real reindeers. It's huskies with antlers strapped on."
Linden: "Comforting to know."


Mitch: "Goodnight, boys! Give me a kiss."
Denny: "Smooch."
Mitch: "How about you, Tommy?"
Tommy: "In the corner of my mind there is a door."
Mitch: "...What?"

Mitch: "And why do you have parts of birds in your bed?"

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The Killing




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