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How Grief Protects Itself

Tommy: "In dreams I build a wall of black flame. Tall as mountains."
Mitch: "Okay. Goodnight, sweetie! Really glad to be home."


Jamie and Darren discuss the election, and "points," and all in all, it smells like math.

Darren: "Maybe I will win!"
Jamie: "Probably you will!"
Darren: "Thanks for being in love with me. You're very loyal these last ten years."
Jamie: "It's either this or go home and make up stories about how Ted Wright is a good man that doesn't hit me even though I am grown up now."
Darren: "I have to go do more weird rituals and take my OCD meds."
Jamie: "I think you are too much of a pussy to watch your own returns, and this is just your way of running away."
Darren: "Just the concept of the word pussy coming out of your mouth, Jamie Wright, makes me wish I could run away."

Darren gets a call from a strange person and, as apparently Washingtonians are wont to do, acts super fucking sketchy about it.


I like this conversation so much I'm just going to tell you the conversation.

Holder: "We're never gonna get that damn disc from the Indians, Ames lawyered up, Donnie and Marie are done talking..."
Linden: "There's always a way in. Everybody makes mistakes.* Most people make the same ones over and over again."
Holder, immediately in response to that: "You never told me he was your shrink."

* (I like that because of open-handed insurrection, the idea that you take down entrenched power structures by being present and waiting for the entropy of bureaucracy to trip over itself, which wins out because people in those entrenched structures can't even begin to fathom the idea of something like that happening which is both why they're there taking part in it and also why they eventually fuck up, but also because she just literally described her entire MO: She waits for people to fuck up, and then takes advantage of that, because she'll be goddamned if she's gonna do things by the book. Or any other possible way besides random chance.)

Sarah grins that after everything, this latest unprofessional freakshow is still enough to unnerve him. Yeah, like on this show, is it really that terrible that Rick was her shrink? Regi was like her lesbian mom and lives on a boat and is the childhood social worker of a grown woman. She's been doing freelance police work, which is not even a thing, for most of the season. And you're worried because she was going to marry her therapist?

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The Killing




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