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How Grief Protects Itself

Ted Wright: "You sure do talk about me a lot."
Darren: "I guess you're the inspiring grandfather?"
Ted Wright: "And I am in a very bad mood."

Holder: "Okay, there's Nicole on the elevator. One. And now Michael Ames. That's Two."

Darren: "Why are you bothering me, old man?"
Ted Wright: "I have things to tell you that are very important. Keep stalling for this episode-ending montage, though, okay?"

They pop in a new tape, revealing the Third Man, just as Jamie comes running into his grandfather's house. Darren stares at him, while Linden and Holder stare also at him. And even though he was there brokering a deal to sabotage a land deal and play Ames and Nicole off each other, and even though there was Rosie blood all over his keycard upstairs from moments ago, and even though he is being captured on this security camera fleeing from like eighty-seven crimes that are all this show is about now that Janek is dead, because it is this show Jamie stares at the camera like a dead-souled monster for about a million years.

Meaning, of course, that he never saw Rosie and had nothing to do with her murder. This ain't our first rodeo.


AMC: "Rosie Larsen's killer will be revealed. We mean it! Please don't hate us, baby. It's not like that. We love you. We just get so distracted sometimes. We didn't mean to leave you at that train station or bus stop or airport, in the rain. We just had other shit to do. Not solving a Killing, no, but just other things. Don't worry about it. Just come back and watch this show next week, so we can renew it because it is wonderful, and stop sending us death threats on Twitter and saying horrifically sexist and clearly racist shit about Veena Sud's skills as a storyteller or her career in this industry. It's been a goddamn year and you people are still at it. Get a fucking life."

...Wow, AMC, I mean, I agree that the tenor and flavor of the outcry was nastily different in a lot of ways from the usual backlash, but still, that was really kinda...

AMC: "Not finished. Stop being assholes about Veena Sud, we mean it. It is not her fault that you are dumb, whiny, entitled crybabies who couldn't be bothered -- because you were too high on your own incipient autism and self-righteous nitpicking -- to just watch the show you were watching and see what happened next. You asked for a story, you got a great story, which for some reason made you act like you'd been waterboarded and sent to bed without dessert. It was frankly embarrassing. We were embarrassed for you. You drink the sand because you don't know the difference anymore. Please enjoy some more cardboard-cutout zeitgeisty bullshit like The Walking Dead, because we are fucking exhausted by you. You and the pants-shitting Twitter tantrum you rode in on."

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The Killing




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