The Killing
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How Grief Protects Itself

Linden: "You doctored the photo to win the election, not to cover up Rosie's murder. We know you weren't involved in her death. But the Richmond camp was."
Adams: "Oh my God are you still talking about Rosie Larsen?"


Mitch: "Did you get a dog? And move Auntie Hooker into the house?"
Stan: "Yeah, I did all kinds of shit. Because you disappeared for two weeks."
Mitch: "Let's table that. I'm going to hug my children in a maudlin way, as they've just come home from Halloweening."
Denny: "I am a normal little kid, so I will hug you."
Tommy: "I am, of course, merely waiting to become the human vessel of the Sons of Urizen, as prophesied by William Blake."
Mitch: "Give your mommy a hug, Tommy!"
Tommy: "In chains of the mind locked up/ Like fetters of ice shrinking together/ Disorganiz'd, rent from Eternity..."
Mitch: "Whoa, okay. We can table that shit too."


Linden: "Former Partner, I question whether Chief Jackson will comply fully with the Federal warrant Gwen procured for us."
Holder: "And yet. Oh, in other news, you're not fired. Just suspended pending."
Linden: "Jobs, homes, children. All are ashes. Focus. Gwen and Darren provided mutual alibis. But if she was dropping key-cards dripping with blood into random floorboards, then both of those are back in play."
Holder: "Remember when she told you he came back to the B&B wet, and you were like, 'What do mean wet,' and she goes, 'Uh, like he had been in the water'? That was the funniest shit that ever happened on this show."

Holder: "Okay, so switch out our Richmond narrative for Gwen. You think she chased that little girl through the woods and beat her almost to death?"
Linden: "No. But on the part about putting her in the trunk, I will continue to perseverate. This episode is very concerned with making the killer a question of gender, cf. the title of the episode, and therefore I will make grand and sweeping statements about that. To wit, it would have to be a man that chased her and what you just said, but it would have to be a woman that locked her in the trunk so she wouldn't have to look in Rosie's eyes."
Holder: "I mean, because it sounds like you're suggesting Jamie is a hermaphr..."
Linden: "Be more sensitive."

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The Killing




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