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How Grief Protects Itself

Linden: "I know I kept saying I wanted that keycard, universe, but that part is over now. You can stop giving me keycard clues now."
Universe: "I am just fucking with you!"


Chief Nicole: "Sup, bitches?"
Linden: "Up on the wall, you mean? A picture of a lady with a broken arm, standing next to you and Gwen Eaton, which is the major clue of this episode. I just happened to see it."
Chief Nicole: "How's your head? From when I bonked you on it. And also in the metaphorical sense of how I put you in a mental institution."
Linden: "My head thinks you are a bitch."
Chief Nicole: "And what about you, Keylela? Any lingering effects from the time I crucified you on a bonfire and fed you to the eagles and dogs?"
Holder: "I am doing just great, actually."
Linden: "It is to be assumed that you are still missing the one thing of footage we actually need, from the elevator of people going up to the 10th Floor and Killing little girls all night long."

Nicole rides off on some kind of dragon and they are left in the hallway to consider the picture with Gwen Eaton in it, and the broken-arm lady they haven't noticed yet.


Ruth: "I'm a real broad, you guys. No shitting around. I tell the facts and I tell 'em straight. Now I ain't saying I ain't corrupt, everybody turns their head now and again, but by the flask of carnival moonshine I keep in my purse, I swear these are the facts. Gwen canceled on me, not the other way around like she told you. Here's another fact, she is a whore."
Linden: "Be more sensitive."
Ruth: "Gwen Eaton sleeps with politicians. Been doin' it ever since she could walk. It's the only thing she's got on that little Jamie, or he'd have no competition for Darren's heart."
Linden: "This sounds like gossip. I will not stand for gossip, only red herrings."

Ruth: "I'm just saying, she pretends to fall in love with them and be even more obsequious than your Jamies and Ben Abani's, but it's the cold love of a born killer."
Linden: "That sounds more like a red herring, less like gossip. Thank you, Councilperson."
Holder: "Do you have any information about Michael Ames or the Columbia Domain Fund?"
Yitanes: "I just almost went to sleep when you said that."

But in fact, yes. CDF backs the Mayor, but that's all Sally. Michael is, quote, "Her de facto errand boy," which I guess I already mentioned means that sinking the deal -- through Indian Bones or any other non-Bone means -- benefits him more than it hurts her. (Especially if Terry Marek isn't as batshit insane as she appears on the subject, and he honestly does want out of being controlled by Sally, which even Sally seems to think is logical.)

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The Killing




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