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How Grief Protects Itself

Yitanes: "So, the Ames are all tied up in this keycard thing?"
Linden: "Goodbye, Councilmember Ruth Yitanes."
Yitanes: "I got stripper pilates anyway. Catch you guys on the flip!"


Darren, being his dorky self, wheelchairs out of the voting booth joking about how he just peed in there. He starts to give a speech, and then Mayor Adams shows up and pretends it's a photo op and makes some cripple jokes in his ear. It's kind of sad. It's kind of sad for everybody.

Darren: "That guy is such a dick, man."
Gwen: "I have a trapdoor with a slide down to a getaway car."
Darren: "Let's go, then."

Outside, they hang awkwardly, just the two of them, until the car shows up. Gwen -- either sincerely or else chillingly, The Killingly -- starts expressing salt water from her tear ducts about how she tried so, so hard to make this happen for him, because she is so, so very much in love with him. Hmm. I wonder what Ruth Yitanes would say about that.

Yitanes: "Expletives, certainly."
Gwen: "Here's your car now. I have killed everybody I can think of to help you win this election. Let me know if I can do anything else. Like have sex with your paralyzed and insensate body. Or even just stick forks in your leg instead. Or let you pretend to drown me. Whatever you're into these days. I am prepared to go the distance."


Mitch: "In terms of my need for validation as a mother, would you care for a sandwich?"
Denny: "I would prefer Aunt Terry make me a grilled cheese, now that you ask. Firstly because she didn't abandon me at the worst and most confusing time in my entire young life, and -- in a distant second -- because she cuts the crusts off."
Mitch: "I hope you fucking choke on it. How dare you people hold me accountable for my actions."

Terry: "So I'm moving out, of course, now that you're back and I'm no longer necessary to provide the parental comfort you've been withholding from your children. Oh, and your husband sold the house."
Mitch: "Do what?"
Terry: "Did he not tell you that? My bad. I guess he was too busy trying to recover from his daughter's and his best friend's death all by himself."
Mitch: "Are these your whore underwear in my laundry?"
Terry: "Uh, yeah. Because I've been living here? Since you abandoned your family? Does that not make sense, that I would do laundry in my own house?"

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The Killing




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