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How Grief Protects Itself

Mitch: "Stop judging me!"

So you can see how that's gonna go. Basically, nobody wants her to feel judged, but also nobody wants her to feel entitled to not feel judged, because she took the coward's way out and is now so sensitive to being judged that she's being judged by her own imagination, and yelling at whoever is around, in her shadow-choked hellhouse of a nightmare. Surprise, Mitch is the fuckin' worst:

Mitch: "You are judging me! But you don't know what it's like! You don't have a family, you don't have children, you don't have anybody that loves you like I have. Your one emotional connection is a married man that kills little girls and buries their bones in his own projects. How could you possibly understand how incredibly and especially sad I am?"

Terry: "I am too worn out to explain this shit to you. Especially since it would just be verbatim what I told Stan, like, last week. So I'll just keep it simple. Go fuck yourself, you are the worst, I have held your gross family together with my hands and teeth this whole time you were off on some gaywad walkabout visionquest feeling sorry for yourself. I am horrible in a lot of ways, but you are taking the cake right now as usual."

Mitch: "Yeah, well, don't do me any favors."
Mitch: "When you say that, it's like I literally can't... You're speaking gibberish. Say it again?"
Terry: "It is not about you."
Mitch: "Yeah, no, nothing. Sorry. It's like putting a seashell to your ear, you know? Just like whoooosh."


Holder: "At some point earlier today I made this connection to the different Ames family companies and the two mayoral campaigns, so I wanted to show you this paperwork."
("I'm swamped! Look at all this paper!")
Linden: "This would be a lot easier to take if there were people fucking in the background. Our show should be on HBO."

(In slightly more interesting news, Coworker Ray calls to say that the tape shows Nicole and Roberta on the casino floor at 1:20, meaning they didn't personally beat Rosie bloody, and Michael was already on the ferry by that time, which I guess means the blood on the keycard was caused by Donnie Or Marie.)

(Boobs.) Michael Ames personally has five companies, all of which are eligible to bid on city contracts. (Sex.) Only one of them is missing Sally's name on the board, explaining why Ames would hook up with everybody else, including possibly Team Richmond, to sink the CDF deal. (A butt.) This one is called NCP, Nereus* Capital Properties. (A sad flaccid penis of normal size.) It was formed a month ago, and fast-tracked for city contract eligibility immediately, like within the week, which is atypical. (Girl on girl.) This was done at the request of one Jamie Wright from upstairs, tying him to the Ames double-cross indubitably. (Peter Dinklage getting a blowjob.) Wait, that part was kinda funny:

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The Killing




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