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How Grief Protects Itself

Holder: "That seems pretty fast. Is that standard?"
Functionary: "IT'S NOT ILLEGAL."
Holder: "Okay then."
Holder: "It's cool, baby. We're just gonna go."

* (Nereus is the Old Gentleman of the Sea in mythology, like a less-rapey Poseidon, which is a nice patriarchal image for a company that specifically wants to do waterfront properties for the old white man Mayor. But anyway, wasn't there another sea god at some point late last season, tied up with the Orpheus shit? What am I not remembering? All I remember is the Orpheus stuff but I swear at some point there was another sea god in this vein. Ah well. Maybe I'm just mashing up Richmond talking about mythology and Richmond being wet -- as if he'd been in water -- into some sort of overarching patriarchal divine oceanic figure. That's so something I would do, too, which makes me think it only pinged because I, personally, glitched on it.

(Like, "You've been Water this whole time -- dead Rosie, dead wife, hooker-drowning, and all this water in your house -- and suddenly you're talking about Orpheus? Which has nothing to do with water? Shouldn't we just be talking about the Alkyonides instead, because that's about water and grief?" You think I just blab everything but I don't, you guys. Every now and then you are spared.)


Jamie: "The Mayor has been reduced to defacing our posters in key districts. Rarr!"
Holder: "Jamie, tell us about NCP."
Jamie: "All these acronyms... Wait, isn't that a construction company owned by somebody I don't know who they are?"
Holder: "No. It is a company whose nascent RFP eligibility you personally fast-tracked."
Holder: "Girl, I didn't say it was. Just tell us the deal."

Jamie: "Um, I was pitching woo to a competitor's supporter? Like happens constantly? Listen, do you tell Lieutenant Carlson every crazy hunch you have or what? You're always here doing weird shit to us."
Linden: "I have begun eliminating that step in the process, Campaigner Osmond. Since I was fired and became homeless, it has proven more efficient to proceed immediately to the weird shit."
Holder: "Was Gwen part of this too?"
Jamie: "I don't talk behind people's backs. That's fake."
Holder: "Where's your keycard right now?"

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The Killing




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