The Killing
Donnie Or Marie

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How Grief Protects Itself

Jamie: "In my wee wallet, in my wee little pants. You jackholes."


Holder: "Linden, you can't be doing the 'I don't really smoke, let me bum off you forever' thing anymore. I know you're homeless and jobless, but that doesn't mean you're a college freshman. Buy your own."
Linden: "The Osmonds are not necessarily a hermaphrodite. They could have killed her together, which would explain why the endless keycard discussion is going nowhere."
Holder: "That suits your made-up gendered murder theory."
Linden: "It is possible I heard somewhere that suicide methods are gendered in that way, which they overwhelmingly are, and then decided that murder must work the same way."
Holder: "More likely this is just your intuition doing the job that the show can't manage to do, and as usual we'd be better off just assuming you're right about everything all the time."
Linden: "Irrespective of our gender essentialism, perhaps Ames's canceled trip to Vegas and Gwen's canceled dinner with Councilbroad Yitanes are linked by the anthill-scattering foul-up of Operation Dem Bones, when Nowack was arrested and everybody had to run around dealing with that, while also murdering Rosie Larsen."

...It is actually starting to make sense. Which means, I think, that it is wrong.


Stan: "In a shocking turn of events, my wife Mitch's return has not brightened my mood."
News: "Okay, well, Ogi Jun shot Janek in the head at the same time you were refusing to kill Nowack, which means your entire family is off the hook from the Mob in a couple different ways."
Stan: "Say, that does do the trick! Next you'll be telling me Professor Clitorectomy has made a full recovery and/or also been killed."

Mitch: "I see that smile on your face and I do not like it."
Stan: "Oh, hell. What fresh nonsense are you going to sprinkle on my good mood now? You're like the human equivalent of that stuff janitors put on barf, except for happiness."

The conversation is a long one. It has to be. When you're breaking out a story like this, you have to just block off a respectful amount of time for these two great actors to pull the entire season (really, two of them) together: Now is the time they put on the table the things they've been rolling around in for two years, and yell at each other, and finally talk about what they're going to talk about. And in a scene like that, let me tell you, recapping gets hard, because they're just saying the same thing over and over and it's all about the acting and the beauty of the scene and the darkness of their house and the painful satisfaction of finally seeing something happen you knew was coming.

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The Killing




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