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Retreat To Advance

Alicia: "Fuck makes you think I have leverage? And why do you keep asking me to do things?"
Eli: "OMG that's right! How'd it go with Maddie?"
Alicia: "Get out of my office, I have to work. If you want Jackie, you have to buy her. Make her feel valued, important, useful..."
Eli: "She is literally none of those things."
Alicia: "Yeah, and you made sure she knew it."
Eli: "Ah. Humans."

From here, the room descends into chaos.


Kalinda: "So what can you tell me about 30 Sep?"
Indira: "I went to his floor to discuss my career, and also blowjobs."
Kalinda: "Did you have a key to his room, on that floor?"
Indira: "The fifteenth floor. And no, I just knocked."
Kalinda: "Was anybody else in the elevator?"
Indira: "No, how embarrassing would that be?"
Kalinda: "So how did you get a Concierge Card for the elevator?"
Indira: "Do what?"


Gold & Assoc: "So this bitch is crazy, yes?"
Mandy Post: "Well, or she forgot that part."
Gold & Assoc: "Yeah, or she could be an alien. Either way Kalinda got her on tape, telling whoppers, so..."
Synch: "The tape's not conclusive either way. Ms. Sharma, you seem to have magic powers that cover every area of human existence, what can you say about Starr's demeanor?"
Kalinda: "She was lying like a rug, dude. We already covered this like a bunch of times."
Eli: "Look, jerks. I made the Florricks available, I played ball. Mandy got to talk to Peter twice..."
Synch: "Cheers for that."
Eli: "And they both told you this is made up. And all you have are this lying, crazy girl's crazy lies, which are uncorroborated at best."
Synch: "Are you gearing up to threaten a lawsuit?"
Eli: "No, that would be silly. The point is that you're journalists and you don't have actual facts. You don't, and you won't, no matter how weirdly zealous Miriam Shor gets, because it didn't happen."


Crockett: "What I didn't like about Tre Lawson was that he was weird about money. He was cheap, he was bitchy about people's clothing, he whined about two-a-days, he was arrogant..."
Alicia: "Arrogant. Is it okay to use that word?"

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The Good Wife




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