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Retreat To Advance

Crockett: "Yeah, because I'm... Anyway. Look, I was from the suburbs, he's from the south side of Chicago. He treated me as though I weren't black enough. He had a lot of insecurities about stuff this show is maybe not qualified to be talking about."
Alicia: "But you didn't hate him for being gay?"
Crockett: "He wasn't gay, he was just a little fancy. And a huge asshole."

Luthor: "You were in Omega Delta Omega, the black fraternity? Would you say the kids in your fraternity are light-skinned like you? Or dark-skinned, like Tre?"
Diane: "Objection! First because I'm not sure we should be talking about this. And second because what's the hate crime today?"
Luthor: "Black on black, Your Honor."
Judge: "I guess."


Cary: "So they were in rival frats, and there were previous fights? Awesome, because think about it. This case isn't about hate crime, it's about liability."
L/G: "Got it. Good job."


Diane: "Coach Shank, thanks for coming back. Now, tell me if in fifty years the water polo team ever had members of both Omega Delta Omega and Pi Gamma Phi on its roster at the same time?"
Coach: "Uh, we've had like three black players ever, so..."
Diane: "But you got this email in 2008 about them fighting at a bowling alley..."
Coach: "I don't read those emails. It makes me feel weird."
Diane: "Well, okay. Did you know that Crockett was an ODO? And did you know that Tre pledged Pi Gamma Phi a week before his death?"
Coach: "Did not know the second one, no."
Diane: "Really because I have this picture of you standing next to him and he's wearing their rush shirt."
Luthor: "Hang on, you can't prove Mr. Crockett drowned Mr. Lawson because he was black..."
Judge: "No, you already did that. All Ms. Lockhart proved was that the university knew about the animus."

Luthor: "...How much?"
Diane: "Still six million, ya queer."

Just kidding, she didn't really say that. But it made me laugh anyway.


Will: "So today feels pretty good, huh?"
Diane: "I like the law. I like how he tried to make it do something stupid, and we made it work out to not be stupid. I like how seeing the 27th Floor all naked like that made me feel like Jean Grey, the Dark Phoenix. I like how we're going to track Louis Canning down on his little crutches, and then we're going to open a New York branch, and then a DC branch. I like how I can feel like this without having done coke."

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