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Retreat To Advance

*(I'm no dummy. I have learned a lot about technology from watching this show.)

Nervous Video Guy: "Holla at your girl, Eli. This shit is going south."
Jackie: "...Understanding is that the human body has ways of shutting that down..."
Eli: "Take her out. Killing force is authorized."
Jackie: "...You know and I just told him, these girls rape so easy..."
Nervous Guy: "Mrs. Florrick, Eli wants to talk to you."
Jackie: "But I'm in the middle of my remarks! My horrible, retrograde remarks!"
Eli on Phone: "Bitch, if you don't get off that podium I'ma give you something to stroke about."


Witness Kid From Before: "I wasn't so much Wayne Crockett's best friend, no, but we were friends."
Crockett's text: "Is Mary bringing the brews?"
Luthor: "Because Tre Lawson brought the 'brews' that night, so... This was a gay thing, yes? From like a million years ago when people called gay dudes Mary?"
L/G: "What is the point here?"
Luthor: "I'm saying Tre Lawson was gay ["OBJECTION!" -- Everybody In The Courtroom] bashed, you idiots. And since it's a hate crime, the college isn't liable. Not an inevitable consequence of the Dunk, but of the bigotry of our times."
Diane: "This is stupid as hell."
Judge: "It's a question of law, not whether or not Lionel Luthor is a dick. You say the university is liable because it knew about the hazing and didn't stop it. He's saying the murder went beyond the hazing because it was a hate crime. If it's as stupid as it sounds, the jury won't have a problem giving you the trial, right?"


Parents: "Our son couldn't be gay, he's black."
L/G: "Two things you should have told us. Just kidding! That's really helpful."
Parents: "Also, we're black. So this is going to immediately make us settle, because it's very important that all gay people are white. It's called erasure and it's how straight white people retain their privilege."
L/G: "Aw, Jeez. We really don't have time to deal with all the ways this storyline is offensive. Just let us win this, okay?"


Diane: "Well, ain't this a bitch."


Hayden Clarke: "So you and Diane will be sharing an office from now on..."

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The Good Wife




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