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Retreat To Advance

Eli: "You will if you know what's good for you. Maybe she'll bring it up. By which I mean, now that I put a bug in your ear you'll be parsing everything she says for a reason to defend your husband, because it reflects better on you if your marriage is what you say it is."


Hayden: "What do you think of Cary Agos?"
Alicia, verbatim: "What do I think? I think he's great! ...[I like him] very much. I'm the one who suggested the firm hire him."
Hayden: "Oh, you still think I care what you think. No, this wasn't a trick to get your okay on other employees. Quite the opposite, actually."
Alicia: "What do you mean?"
Hayden: "You'll see in a second!"


Cary: "...Uh, this is Alicia's office?"
Hayden: "Well, it was."

Alicia's response to this is so classic and wry, it's up there with the "all this paper" moment. Just like, "Annnnd fuck me. Got it. Come right in, buddy." Like she even accidentally calls Cary Eli and then apologizes for it and bites the inside of her cheek and waves one hand around and admits to being flustered. Fifteen things we've never seen her do, all in one movement. Alicia Florrick, flustered. What does that look like? Well I'll tell ya. You know how she's just so pretty? Turn that up like a half-click.

Immediately, just to get it out of the way, Cary and Alicia start their first dueling-convo situation, where both their phones ring at once and they both have to chat. Cary's is just boilerplate talk, since his story for the season is still warming up, and Alicia's is about sending Kalinda to find out if Wayne Crockett killed Tre for gay stuff.

Alicia: "Hey, Kalinda, sorry it's so loud in here. Hey, what are you doing where you are? I'm going to need a friend when it turns out that Maddie Hayward is secretly a lizard in a Wendy Scott-Carr costume in a Maddie Hayward costume."
Kalinda: "Oh I'm just at this hotel where your husband fucked that girl."
Alicia: "Do what?"
Kalinda: "I said I'm at Curves. It's a gym for ladies. Curves."


St. Martin Lady: "Hey, is your name Kalinda? I feel woozy, like a whole new world of desire has been opened within me that makes me act super unprofessional."
Kalinda: "Used to it. Although, you are particularly weird. You are like the weirdest person ever on this show. I can't even figure out why you're so weird, you just are. It's intense."

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