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Cure Bore Galore

Recapper: Um Klaus, giving Tyler a head start and orders to hide the best he can isn't really any of those things. I believe we call it, cutting him a little slack.

Klaus: Hush. I'm flirting.

Caroline: *Stone face*

Klaus: *Leaves in a huff*

Meanwhile, down below in the cave, Stefan finds blood. Now, how he wasn't able to track Bonnie by the scent of her blood is beyond me, but there's no time for that now, because Elena is unconscious and bleeding. She stirs as Stefan nears. When she wakes she says, "She's here."

Stefan: Who?

Audience: KATHERINE!!!

Katherine stares at Silas and then turns to watch Jeremy comforting Bonnie. He begs "Elena" to feed Bonnie some healing blood. Katherine says she will, as soon as they get the cure.

Jeremy: It will be there after we help Bonnie.

Katherine: God, I forgot how much of a brat you are.

Jeremy: What?

At that, Katherine says she's done playing nice, grabs Jeremy and forces his wrist to Silas's mouth. Jeremy finally figures out who is holding him. Katherine taunts about cutting short the family reunion, then sinks her fangs into Jeremy's neck. Once his throat is ripped open, she shoves it down upon Silas's face. He frees his grip on the box containing the cure. Katherine grabs it. Silas continues to drink. Katherine Stealth-Salvatores out of the crypt. Jeremy screams until Silas snaps his neck. The littlest Gilbert slumps to the floor of the tomb -- dead. Bonnie shakes as she watches in horror. After a nice, long look at Dead Jeremy, it's title card time.

Is Jeremy too supernatural now for the ring to save his life? Will Silas resurrect those who died to raise him? Did Jeremy not see Grams's spirit because it was just a Silas-induced illusion, or have his fully bloomed hunter abilities somehow caused him to stop seeing dead people? When was the last time he saw a ghost? Surely, it was before his tattoo completed. If that wasn't Caitlyn's spirit appearing to Shane in the most recent scene between them, why would Silas bother to cause an illusion of Caitlyn to appear and comfort Shane. Ah, well. Regardless, I suspect Jeremy is truly and permanently dead, but it's hard to care. Don't get me wrong, I love the Germ. It's the manner of his death that bugs. Because there are enough reasons to suspect his death is only temporary, I'm having a hard time feeling the loss in my gut, even though my brain says this is it.

I will be back with coverage of "Stand By Me." In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page and then come on over to the forum, where we're Expressing our denial.

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