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Cemetery. Casey, Greg, and Miss Mills are walking away from the grave when Veronica catches them. She confesses she told her dad about Rain. Greg says something that I couldn't really understand even on multiple viewings, but the gist is that they're one step ahead of the law on this one, so everyone in the area is going to be lousy with poinsettias come Christmas. After inviting Veronica to stop by the commune later, he leads Miss Mills away, and Veronica takes Casey's arm, which is a subtle and sweet move. I like seeing Veronica show some physical affection. Casey tells Veronica that he's happy she's there: "For no reason that I can see, you've been a real friend to me lately." Well, I'm not casting any aspersions on Veronica's character, but if you're looking for reasons why people would want to be your friend now, I can list about eighty million of them. Veronica wonders how Casey can be so generous after what she told him about her original reason for visiting the commune, but he counters that he doesn't think she was faking the kindness: "Am I wrong?" Veronica smiles shyly. Aww. Casey opens Veronica's car door, and says he has to go talk to his parents. Veronica sits and looks happy, and then observes Casey heading toward his parents through her rear-view mirror. Oh, Veronica, that was a mistake. The rear-view mirror never gives good news. It's all speeding tickets and broken dreams. Sure enough, she sees a couple of goons grab Casey and manhandle him into a limo as his parents observe. HDE gets in after him. Veronica gets out of the car and runs over yelling for them to stop, but her pleas are ineffectual as Casey's parents beat a quick retreat. Well, I hope when they told HDE to get all those lovely communal thoughts out of Casey's head, they thought to remind him to make sure Casey doesn't hate their fucking guts at the end of it. Because if not, their stinking-rich son could arrange to send them to join Grandmonster in the family plot right frickin' quick.

Veronica bustles into Mars Investigations and tells Keith what she saw. He gently tells her that he doesn't doubt her interpretation, but that if his sheriff's training tells him anything, it's that there's nothing the law can do, at least not for a couple days, so they need to hold off and see what happens. Veronica despairingly says she wishes they hadn't turned over the information about the collective. Is she saying that because she doesn't want Casey's parents' money? Keith tells her, however, that he didn't, because he thought about what she said, and all the things he heard on the wiretap. I so want to hear someone start singing "Listen To What The Flower People Say." Preferably Christopher Guest. On top of Keith's turnaround, he also checked up on Rain, and discovered that she's been in four foster homes since she was eight, and that there were reports of serious abuse in at least two. And this is why this A-plot worked for me, despite being light on action: I found it a convincing demonstration of the fact that Keith and Veronica constantly have to invent their own moral and ethical code, and that they're stronger when they work together. In addition, Veronica openly disagreed with her dad, convinced him to change his viewpoint, and was correct in doing so, which makes them closer as a team. All this isn't to say that I won't be bored if the most exciting thing in next week's A-plot is a horse that somehow got into the catnip. Veronica smiles at her dad through glistening eyes. Aww, again.

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