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Sometime later, Veronica has the receipt she wants, belonging to a "Clarence Wiedman, Jr." Man, some names just shouldn't be passed on from generation to generation. Of course, neither should some DNA. I think if more people paid attention to that second problem, the first one would take care of itself. Anyway, Veronica's watching the watcherman, who's dressed in a black hat and overcoat and carrying a black briefcase. The addition of a pitchfork to the ensemble would be a refreshing note of subtlety.

Sometime even later, Veronica observes the guy get out of his car. It's raining, which means one of two things. Either this is a cheap trick designed to give him an excuse to shield his face from the audience with an umbrella, or Veronica's followed the guy to Oregon. Oh, all right, once in a while it does actually rain in SoCal, but not nearly often enough. I have never, for example, seen an Oscars red carpet pre-show be interrupted by rain. Which is a damn shame, because tell me it wouldn't be awesome to see Joan Rivers melt. Veronica sees that, surprise surprise, Wiedman is entering Kane Software. She calls the company, and determines that Wiedman is the head of security at Kane. The head of security who apparently doesn't know how not to leave a paper trail. Next time, hit the ATM before you start stalking, dickhead. VMVO: "And there it is. I know who's responsible for scaring Mom away. So if Jake Kane is my biological father, that information is gonna be worth millions. And after what that family has done to mine, I intend to collect." Hee. Don't forget to buy the house next to Logan's -- might as well bug the shit out of two birds with one stone.

Hey, remember the first season of Melrose Place, when Amy Locane left after a handful of episodes (and nice career move there, hon), and they totally had to do a hatchet job to the opening credits, especially with that long shot of all eight of them together? Well, they changed the credits here, too. Only it's not really like Melrose, in that the new shots are cute ones of Kristen Bell, whom everyone loves, instead of stupid ones of no-talent hack Daphne Zuniga. Hey, didn't she head out to Yugoslavia just a few years before the Balkans exploded? Maybe things happen for a reason. Anyway, Sydney Tamiia Poitier isn't in the credits anymore, although I hear from the forum posters that we haven't seen the last of her. Well, I was wondering what the producers were paying Poitier for, anyway. And I was referring specifically to all the episodes she hasn't been in, but you could certainly be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

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