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Brainwashing The Brainless

Veronica sees Duncan at school, and despite his friendly greeting, walks away without a word. You know the new drill: Un! Comfortable! Duncan looks discomfited, but given the way he dumped Veronica, he might just consider that the coming around of something that went around about a year ago. Some orbits are wider than others.

A bunch of kids are playing hacky-sack. Well, if that's the cult activity, I can see why Casey's parents are concerned. Because after hacky-sack, can Ultimate Frisbee be far behind? Veronica and Wallace observe, and Veronica points out Casey, who's quite cute, actually. He's played by Jonathan Bennett from Mean Girls, and I'm surprised that they resisted the temptation to write Lilly into this episode so that Bennett and Amanda Seyfried could have a bitchy little reunion. Wallace opines that Casey looks normal. Veronica: "Not if you knew him before."

And, back from a week's break, a blue-themed flashback! With Weevil, also after a week's break! Absence does make the heart grow fonder. And if you need further prod of that, wait and see the reaction when Logan comes back after two episodes off. Anyway, Weevil is dressed far more conservatively than he is in the present, and it occurs to me that this is the first time we've seen him in flashback, if I'm not mistaken. I guess that's not surprising, since we barely ever see him at all. (Yes, that was a hint.) My original point, however, is that I'll be interested to see what he was like when he was doing whatever it was he was doing with Lilly. And also to find out what that whatever-it-was was. Can this show be confusing, or is it me? Both, you say? That's what I thought. Sigh. Anyway, Weevil's reading something in front of a class full of students, who are all perched on pillows. If I wanted my kids to pay attention, I wouldn't be making it easier for them to fall asleep. Duncan's mildly caressing Veronica, and Casey is lying with some girl. Weevil's reading something about prisoners on death row that sounds like a poem. The teacher, a young blonde, is impressed, until Casey calls Weevil out for passing off a Social Distortion song as his original poetry. Funnily enough, I didn't know that, even though I wore out the copies of the two Social D albums I had in college. And yes, CDs had been invented by the time I was twenty. You wisenheimers, you. The song in question is "When The Angels Sing," by the way. Casey's smug, but Veronica's chagrined. Back in the present, Veronica realizes that there's someone she should talk to...

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