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Clerk. We Only Need One...

Sheriff's office. Veronica accosts the deputy with the bad moustache who searched her locker in the pilot, and tells him she wants to apply for the part-time receptionist job advertised in the paper. Moustache asks if she's serious. Veronica: "As a Code Three on a 187 in a res dist." First, hee. Second, if I can understand that without closed-captioning, certain cast members old and new should really start practicing their diction. Anyway, Moustache gives Veronica an application and sets her up in a private room...

...wherein she uses the land line as NVMVO tells us that few organizations have access to pay phone records, but among them is the sheriff's department. I assume she's using their land line so that the sheriff's office will show up on the caller ID. NN: Wow, are you a cop? Veronica gives the details of the phone call.

Wallace finds some hacky-sack-playing slackers and bribes them with chips. He's got potential as a detective here -- not only did he think bring something to grease the wheels, but he gave it to the only member of the group with an SAG card. He asks if they saw who dinged Jackie's car. Speaking Stoner says that it was a blonde girl with a nice ass who drives a green car. Wallace doesn't look chagrined at the description, so either Veronica already has an alibi, or she needs to do a few squats.

Moustache tells Lamb that he'll never guess who's in the interrogation room. Lamb: "You're right. I'll never guess." Heh. Moustache says it's Veronica, and Lamb incredulously asks if Moustache left her in there alone. Heh, again. From the way Lamb's eyes bug out as he asks this, Veronica might as well apply for a deputy job, since it looks like there's about to be an opening.

Veronica finishes up her call right before Lamb busts in. Veronica says she's up to the last question, which asks why she wants this position. She asks how much of a kiss-ass she'd be if she said it was to be close to Lamb. Lamb impatiently yanks her chair, and as she gets up to leave, she's like, "Seriously. Why do birds suddenly appear every time you're near?" Hee. I doubt Karen Carpenter realized the possibility of the profane double entendre there. But the mention of birds probably just made her hungry.

Wallace is proudly explaining his detective work to Jackie. Using his attendance connections, he cross-referenced parking permits with yearbook pictures, and narrowed the number of possibilities to four, two of which didn't pan out. Jackie whines that her dad is coming back the next day, but Wallace tells her it'll all work out. After they flirt a little, Wallace tells her the case is solved, since there's only one girl left on the list. Time to order Buns Of Steel, Veronica.

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