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Sac-n-Pac. We haven't been here since the pilot! Veronica finds Wallace reading the Neptune Register. He shows her an article about Cervando, which I wouldn't even bother looking at, except (a) it tells me that Cervando's last name was Perez and (b) the author is listed as "Diane Ruggiero," the lovely and talented co-executive producer who wrote this episode. Hee, nice. Veronica asks Wallace to, if she dies, go on Oprah and tell the world she loved kittens. Heh.

Weird cut here to Veronica knocking on a door in an apartment complex. Some guy answers, and once Veronica confirms that he's "Jeff Cotter," she introduces herself as an A.D.A., "Dawn Lamb." Ha! Awesome, even if I'm not sure I believe she could get those words out without her gag reflex kicking in. Veronica asks if Jeff knew Ed Doyle, but apart from recognizing his name and knowing that he lived in the area, the answer is no. Veronica tells Jeff that the phone call Doyle placed was to his apartment, but Cotter was in New York at the time. He calls for his wife, "Carla," who was Yola on The Chris Isaak Show. (Oh, shut up.) Veronica asks Yola about the call, but Yola tells Veronica she thinks it was just a wrong number. Veronica's phone rings, and she thanks Mr. and Mrs. Yola for their time. The call is from Jessie, who tells Veronica she can stop investigating; Lamb found a suicide note from her dad saved on his computer. Veronica's bummed expression takes us into a commercial break.

Veronica shows up at Jessie's apartment and says she just wanted to check in. Considering that Jessie's mom is in the middle of berating her adorable early-elementary-school son for crying over his dad, I hope Veronica came to read the Un!Comfortable! meter. Jessie intervenes, and the mother leaves the room as Jessie kindly tells her brother not to listen to their mom when she's like this. She goes on to say that their dad was sick, and was in a lot of pain. The kid's teary, quiet response of "Where was it?" is enough to break your heart. In the good way, not the "he nominated WHO?" way. Jessie tries her best to explain, and the kid lets her off the hook by going to play outside. I'd keep an eye out for the school bus, kid -- people are dangerous once they get ideas. Jessie shows Veronica the note, and really, I'd think she'd be a little suspicious, given that her dad didn't print the note out or take any steps to make sure it was read. If it was only a first draft, you'd think he wouldn't have taken the plunge until he got the wording just right. The note says that he's sorry, but that he believes what he's doing is for the best. He can't go on like this, and he can't stay just for the kids. Jessie bitterly says she's better off without him, and then her mom snappishly calls her name. I should say that the woman playing Jessie, Ari Graynor, did quite a nice job this episode. Left alone, Veronica takes a look at the note and gets a pensive look on her face. NN: I wonder what she's thinking about. Hey, nice lip gloss. Do you think she's going to keep her hair like that? Wait, what was I talking about? I could really have used a VMVO there to keep me on point.

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