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Duncan opens the door to his hotel room with a smile: "You came!" Well, that would defeat the purpose of her visit. A teary-eyed Veronica embraces him. Cut to them making out, and then Duncan carries Veronica to the bed. The song finishes up as we get a close-up of some assorted Italian imagery, including a replica of the Statue of David and a throw pillow of the Mona Lisa. Nice try, but I don't think most of the forum posters are anxious to see this moment immortalized in the Louvre.

Veronica lies across Duncan's bare chest. He puts on a falsetto as he asks what she's thinking. She in turn deepens her voice and makes a football comment, and then spits on his neck. They then hear some rather rhythmic moaning and banging coming from a room that shares a wall with them. I hope. Duncan wonders if maybe they "did it wrong," and Duncan, if you find anyone to bet against that supposition, let me know, since I'd like to interest him in a little gambling game called "Heads I Win, Tails You Lose." Veronica's a little discomfited at the, um, steady pace of the noise, and Duncan asks if he should bang on the wall or call the front desk. Veronica suggests trying to out-moan them, but Duncan flips on the TV instead. These two have about as much chemistry as brother and sister. Old habits die hard, I guess.

Later, Duncan is asleep while Veronica, dressed, is getting her stuff together. She gives Duncan what appears to be a fond look, and then exits. In the hallway, she's fixing her shoes when a nearby door opens and Logan walks out. I'd suggest that Veronica run for it, but if this really was her first time, that might be a bit of a problem. Logan says there's something different about her. He comes close: "FYI, if the cuddling is the best part, he didn't do it right." Veronica refrains from so-thereing that the cuddling was actually pretty shitty. Actually, she doesn't say a word, which is interesting, since that's how she reacted the very first time we saw Logan be a jackass to her. Even the VMVO is silent. NN: We used up our quota. Logan spares a glance at Duncan's door and bails, not actually looking all that pleased with himself. As soon as he's gone, Veronica whips out her phone and calls the front desk. Heh. She gets connected to the room Logan came out of, and it seems to me Charisma answers, although there was debate in the forums about this. I don't really see how anyone could think it's not meant to be her, even if the voice sounded off. Not everyone's that skilled at ADR work. Duncan opens the door, still sans shirt, and it looks pretty likely that he ended up eating that whole plate of food last week and going back for seconds. He groggily asks why she didn't wake him, but she tells him she's got "about fifteen minutes till my dad activates the homing device in my molar." Well, given what she was likely up to before, I just hope it isn't attached to a camera. Duncan just grunts, so apparently their traditional gender roles are back to normal. Veronica takes off.

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