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Clerk. We Only Need One...

Keith is grating cheese when Veronica arrives home and asks how The Woodman took the news. Keith tells her fine, because he's running. Veronica hugs him and says she feels safer already. Keith tells her she looks different. Veronica looks like she spoke too soon. VMVO says that Keith is sharp, but there's no way he can tell that she's had sex...right? She then apologizes to those of us who watched Buffy, because we've seen this scene before.

Beach. A body lies on the shore -- in fact, it's that of the Hawaiian-shirt votive-candle guy. Creepy, ethereal music plays as Lamb, examining the body, opens the guy's left hand to reveal "VERONICA MARS" written in what looks like black permanent marker. It's just too bad he didn't open the right hand to reveal "IS SMARTER THAN YOU." Nevertheless, DUN!

Next week: more Beaver, more Lamb, more Charisma. Also, Alicia! Yay!

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