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Veronica drives into the Neptune High parking lot as VMVO tells us that reporters have laid siege to the school, looking to talk to any kids who can give them stories about the deceased. Inside, Veronica enters the girls' bathroom, goes over to the sink, and in the mirror sees a blonde girl with a tough expression on her face. The girl asks if Veronica knows who she is, and Veronica says she does. The girl then inquires as to whether Veronica knew who she was last week, and the answer is no. Two out of three? No, the girl is all, "Your dad drives one bus over a cliff and your days of being under the radar are over." Well, everyone's got to get fifteen minutes somehow. Veronica, in an uncharacteristically wary and unfriendly manner, asks the girl if she wants something, and the girl responds that she needs proof that her dad didn't commit suicide, since their insurance company won't make good on his policy. Veronica starts to point out the difficulties inherent in such an investigation, and declines to help. Given that she was a twist of fate away from dying in the crash herself, I'm thinking Veronica's refusal has more to do with the desire to avoid the painful emotions the investigation would stir up rather than the silly "normal life" idea that took her out of the detective game for all of five minutes. Hoping, anyway.

Some 09er bitch who I think was on at some point last season chooses that moment to enter and give the girl, "Jessie," shit about her dad. She then turns to Veronica and asks if she and Duncan are coming to some party of Logan's. That's weird, because I don't get the sense that our Logan has retained any semblance of his social status from last year, yet it's an uncommon enough name to make me think it's got to be Logan Echolls she's talking about. ["The other rich-asshole Logan I know lives pretty far away to be hosting a party Neptunians might attend." -- Wing Chun] The 09er girl delivers the line with a complete absence of malice, so I guess we're supposed to learn that (a) Veronica's totally accepted by the 09ers now, and (b) no one but the three people involved think Veronica dumping Logan and getting back together with Duncan is any sort of big deal. Actually, I think only two of those people even think it's a big deal, but the other one is, I hope, too busy brushing up on chemistry to have much time to think about anything else. NN: What do you mean? Duncan's a great student! Anyway, Jessie interrupts the rich kids' concerns with a right hook to the jaw of the bitch with the speaking lines, which drops her like a badly-highlighted ton of bricks. Her friends kneel by her side, and Veronica grabs Jessie and says she'll help her, but that she has to chill. So Veronica's only getting involved because she wants to avoid future scenes like this? The old Veronica would have sold tickets and popcorn, and I wouldn't have blamed her. I'd rather see that than a bum fight any day. Credits.

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