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Chez Mars. Veronica has made breakfast for Keith. Aw. She says that The Woodman is a shoo-in, and Keith notes that that's probably because he's unopposed. Who is the current county supervisor? Veronica, wearing a cute grey tank top with red piping, encouragingly tells Keith that he'd practically be assured of victory, but Keith doesn't want Veronica and himself to be subjected to election ugliness. I'd think any ugliness from the election would be small potatoes next to your town thinking you're a bumbling fool and stripping you of your office, but I guess the experience can't be that bad if Keith's writing a tell-all book about it. Seriously, though, he's run for sheriff before, and he's got the full backing of the next supervisor, so what's the problem? I have little issue with any of the actions or decisions of the characters so far this season, but I have to say that the motivations behind those actions and decisions are coming across as forced and false with increasing frequency. I totally would have bought it if Keith were just sour on the idea of being sheriff from his experiences with the Lilly case, both from seeing someone he cared about murdered and having the town turn against him, and it's true that the exchange with The Woodman suggests that at least part of that is on his mind. But why hide behind this vague notion that the election mudslinging will be too much to bear? This is a guy who stuck it out in Neptune when he and his daughter were openly considered the scum of the earth! I could even see it if he were concerned about Alicia, since she hasn't been through this before, but since he changes his mind by the end of this episode that she's not even in, I don't see that being it. NN: Wow, you think a lot. Lighten up, man! It's TV!

Anyway, Veronica's and Keith's attention turns to the TV, where the awesome Kevin Smith is telling us that the bus driver was a "weird duck. You could tell that right off the bat." I thought there was something weird about Kevin Smith, but then I realized that it's just because he's not wearing his signature cap. Kevin goes on to say that the driver bought some stuff and started to leave, but came back and bought a St. Christopher's medallion, and then threw it out. Keith tells Veronica that he can't imagine what his life would have been like if Veronica had gotten back on the bus. Veronica tells him he'd be sad for a while, but then he'd convert her room into something else. Keith soberly tells her that she doesn't have to make a joke. Veronica: "Sure I do." YES! That is a simple exchange that's in character and speaks volumes. Veronica disengages from their one-armed embrace and starts to go to her room, but turns back with a thought: what if there's a clue in the other items the bus driver bought? Keith warns her not to try to make sense of the tragedy, but Veronica counters that she knows the bus driver's daughter, and that Jessie could use whatever little sense Veronica can provide. Keith heavily agrees. Nice that someone's grateful she's alive, Duncan.

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