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Back to Logan and Charisma. They're making out, seemingly post-coitally, when they hear something. The front door opens in the other room, and they scatter. A rather handsome fortysomething man enters the house, Dick and Beaver trailing behind him, so this is Daddy Casablancas. He's lecturing his kids not to let the country-club valet touch the car in the future, since it always comes back with a scratch. Uh, okay. Daddy C goes in to find Charisma in a robe, doing her nails and listening to her iPod. That's some nice work. One might almost think she's done this before. The forum posters were quick to notice, also, that she might have broken out the nail polish to cover up, um, certain other smells. Gross. Beaver asks why Logan's truck is there (an Xterra, not a Humvee as I said in the first recap of this season, not that I know the difference or would ever buy either one), and Charisma, fast on her feet, says that he's there for the pool, and is upstairs waiting for the younger Casablancases. She gets into her performance by calling after them that she'd prefer their friends not showing up whenever they want. Well, sure -- you have to know a guy for a while before you ask him to earn his red wings. NN: Aw, that sounds cute. Nothing to offend the censors here!

Upstairs, Logan is playing a shooting game. You'd think he would have had enough. Dick and Beaver enter, and Logan overdoes it a little as he complains that Charisma is a bitch. Daddy C enters and asks Logan how it's going. Logan smiles, "Really well, thanks for asking, Mr. C. And you?" Heh. Logan's had a rough summer, so it's nice that happy days are here again. Daddy C says that Logan's welcome there any time. Yeah, he knows. He invites Logan to come with him and "Dick Jr." to the firing range. Well, if Daddy C is Big Dick, you know what that makes his elder son. Sorry, Ryan Hansen. Logan says he'll come as long as he's not the target, and Big Dick fires a finger-gun at him. I guess he thinks Logan's "super-fine." Which would explain a lot about the goings-on in his household. Beaver says he guesses he'll just stay home and knit something, and Logan rubs his head. Aw. I love Beaver. And there's a sentiment I never thought I'd express.

Wallace, in gym clothes, finds Jackie by her car with a slip of paper in her hand, looking distraught. She shows Wallace a dent in her dad's Porsche, and says that whoever did it left a fake note. I wonder if it said, "You're SCREWED, New Girl!" Of course, that probably wouldn't be fake. In fact, the note expresses basically that sentiment, and Jackie says this is exactly what her dad is expecting. Well, not exactly -- he figured you'd bust up the Bronco. Wallace offers to help, and says he knows somebody. He gets out his very own Sidekick (aw) and says they're going to track the scumbag down.

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