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The Courthouse Where Lannibal Is Released From Shackles of Pain. Ah, so shocking -- blah not guilty blah he's free blah. Helen tries to charge him with a lesser crime. Eugene argues that double jeopardy is attached. The judge agrees, saying, "The defendant has been found not guilty. He is free to go." Helen screams, "Your Honour!" The judge insists that Lannibal is free to go. He is released from his shackles, and in a strangely sensual way he takes the muzzle off, rubs his face, and turns to look at Rod. "Thank you, Bobby. Eugene, you were sensational. Clarice --" Lindsay looks at him, but O'Malley doesn't continue. The fake press starts asking him a bunch of questions, one of which is whether or not Lannibal was surprised by the verdict. You'd think that the D-Fence attorneys would still be asking him not to comment, but whatever -- the episode is almost over, so DEK would rather everyone focus their attention on the various scowls coupled with consternation on the faces of The Firm.

The Palace of Rod. Lindsay and Rod are watching the news. Melanie Sills, a juror from the case, explains that they had a hard time convicting Lannibal beyond a reasonable doubt with the other murder floating around. Ha! Rod flicks off the television. He sighs. Then he apologizes. He thinks it's the way he handled things. Blah if he can pretend, blah he's okay blah. Bobby: "But Lindsay. It's not just me. You never talk about how you feel. You keep it all in until you just explode. It isn't just me here." She knows. Apparently, they both need to do better or they just won't make it. Yeah, throw some marital troubles into the mix, DEK -- like the damn show isn't complicated enough. Yawn.

Next week: Lindsay suffers a breakdown. Hurrah!

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