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The Firm. Ellenor explains to her co-workers that one of the doctors had O'Malley take a lie detector test. The results were excellent. He passed the polygraph, even when he said he was Lannibal Hector and another guy killed the three women. Ellenor: "He passed the lie detector with flying colours." Except that polygraph results aren't admissible and notoriously unreliable, but whatever -- keep trying to convince us there is "reasonable doubt" about Lannibal Hector. Shush. Anvil! Stop stirring. You're distracting me. Rebecca: "He could also describe the killings. It was basically like he stepped outside himself, like he was watching somebody else do it, and then stepped back in to himself to --" Ellenor finishes the sentence for her: "Eat them." Lindsay asks Eugene why the police think that O'Malley is faking. He cites the fact that Lannibal has a full-time job; he punches in as Lawrence O'Malley, and pays his bills on time. Jimmy wants to know if the prosecution is "offering anything." Yes, life in prison. Rod cracks, "The client turned it down. I guess he's not that crazy." Ellenor: "So? What? Are we all going to try this?" Right. This gets Rod's organization motors running again. Boom! Lindsay's doing the opening to ensure that we get a "woman's touch," because the victims were all women. Boom! Jimmy's got the lawyer. Because they are going to call him first. Ellenor and Rebecca "get" the doctors. Boom! Eugene and Rod will take the prosecution witnesses. Lucy arrives, almost on her I'm-about-to-be-really-really-annoying cue. Apparently, O'Malley's parents have arrived for yet another uselessly annoying scene.

Rod's Den Of Ragdoll's Immortal Pain. Oh. Mercy. Stop. With. The. Non. Plot. Related. Scenes. And why do these people always simply "drop by" the offices at The Firm? Every freaking episode, they "drop by" like they're about to have tea with the freaking Emperor. Any. Way. Mama Hannibal: Blah make up fictitious characters, blah feel stronger, blah started Hannibal ten years ago, blah feel dangerous, blah at some point, blah thought he was. Papa Hannibal: Blah Lawrence, blah never kill anyone, blah they're his parents blah. Papa Hannibal insists, "This is some sort of insanity, but Lawrence, he is not a killer!" Reasonable doubt: 3. Prosecution: 0. Anvil? Getting agitated.

The Firm. They're watching the confession tapes. It's late on Monday night now. The tape is black and white, of course, and Lawrence is neither muzzled nor shackled. In his quiet tone, he explains how "the other man" (which for some reason makes me think of David Lynch) took out his knife and gutted the girls. The detective asks, "Who did?" O'Malley responds, "The other man. She didn't die right away." Rod's heard enough. He turns off the tape and faces his colleagues. Lindsay drinks her soda. Aw. Rod intones, "Look. We have to make a decision here on the restraints. He's going to look like a monster if he's shackled and muzzled." Ellenor snaps, "I'm not sitting next to him!" Lindsay chimes in, "He attacked his last lawyer, Bobby." Rod suggests they petition the court to leave him out of the room. Rebecca: "I say let him look like a monster. Our strategy here isn't to make him feel relatable." Jimmy insists, "Juries don't acquit monsters, Rebecca. The first thing they teach us in law school is that monsters lose." Is that really the VERY FIRST THING they teach someone in law school? Right. Welcome, class; we're not going to have an overview of ANYTHING. We're going to get right down to it. Number One Rule Of The Law: Monsters Are Never Acquitted. Make sure you all take that little gemstone with you on your chosen career path -- you're going to need it one day. Yawn. Right.

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