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Tonight's special: human flesh

Whoosh. Suffering County Courthouse Where The Nose Is Evidence Of Pain. Forbes, Lannibal's previous attorney, is on the stand. His nose is in worse shape than Owen Wilson's. It's got a large gash running down the entire left side. It's all red and disfigured. Poor guy. It looks painful. He says, "He kept talking about 'the other man.' How he watched 'the other man' stab them. I would gently remind him that there was no other man." Apparently, Lawrence "never liked" the fact that Forbes would remind him that "the other man" is not really "other" at all. Forbes: "He'd ask me to please not say that he was the killer." Jimmy poses the following question: "Mr. Forbes, why did you remind him?" Forbes explains how he was preparing Lawrence for trial, to let him get comfortable with the things people would say, even his own doctors. Forbes: "Friday night I reminded him again and that was it." Jimmy beseeches him to continue. "He just lunged. Like a Rottweiler, he had me by the nose." Jimmy tries to ask the lawyer about Hannibal's precarious mental state, but Helen doesn't let him. They argue about lay opinions. Helen makes some point about Forbes not being able to create a lay opinion for this trial in particular. Judge Cooke agrees, and instructs Forbes to "leave the psychiatric opinions to the doctors." But wait! Is that Lannibal standing up in court again? Why, yes. It is. The judge tells him to sit down, twice. Only he doesn't want to sit down. Instead, he says this: "Your Honour, at this time, I'd like to ask that the district attorney be disqualified." Why? "She and I have had relations." Okay, so even DEK is making fun of how little action Helen Gamble actually gets? And oh, yeah -- Anvil would like me to convey the following: "Yawn."

Hellenor's. Helen sits on a tiny corner of her very large couch and watches the fake news. The reporter reports that Helen "herself" was paralyzed for a moment. Helen storms off the couch and says, "Well, what do they expect? I'm going to jump up and react? Stupid media." Ellenor thinks that Helen should put something on the table. Helen argues that it was a stupid stunt, just Lannibal's way of showing how he is clearly insane. Ellenor: "Could be, but not many people eat flesh and the jury's got to think he's nuts." Blah juries, blah human, blah core, blah vengeful blah. Helen's got the law on her side. She thinks Lannibal is going down. As the two stop their conversation, we see the television full-screen, and a "Kevin Herndon" is "reporting" about tomorrow being the day for the medical testimony.

Psst. Anvil? Do you think you could take over for me for a while? Medical testimony is boring. Blah Ellenor leads the doctor through the testimony blah. Dr. Frankel explains that Hannibal has paranoid schizophrenia as his "base illness." In addition to the paranoid schizophrenia, Lawrence has a "fixed false belief" that he's Lannibal Hector. Does being a paranoid schizophrenic make a person homicidal? Not necessarily. But it sure makes them hungry. I'm sorry, that was in bad taste. Ha! Giggle. No pun intended. Shush. Anvil. Stop rattling. I know I'm being a bit over the top. Blah Lawrence, blah psychic gap, blah "the other person" blah, periodic psychosis blah.

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