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Helen stands up and barks, "Or he's faking." Dr. Frankel doesn't think Lannibal could "feign" these kinds of "episodes." Oh, and it's extremely rare for people to successfully fake being a cannibal who murders women by stabbing them after being rejected. In short, Hannibal is a few lunchboxes short of a picnic.

The counter-testimony. I have to physically restrain Anvil from throwing herself into the television. Yes, it's possible, albeit difficult, to fake paranoid schizophrenia. His proof? Lannibal does really well at work. He's got no problems there. In the middle of Helen's oh-so-gripping witness, Lindsay looks up from her pad and paper, sees Lannibal devouring her with his eyes, and gasps out loud in the middle of court. The Symphony Of Subtlety bounces around in the background. Helen looks a bit weary now -- she's had enough stunts for one day.

The Firm Of Resounding Client Pain. Everyone sits around the table in the conference room. Lindsay apologizes. Jimmy says, "It didn't hurt us. It's not like we're pretending he's nice." Bobby doesn't think it helps them if even the lawyers are afraid of Hannibal. Rebecca insists that everyone in the courtroom is afraid of him. I agree. The guy is totally creepy. Not as creepy as William Hinks, but still freaky, strange, and weird. Ellenor insists that Lawrence really needs to be a little sympathetic. Then Eugene suggests that Lindsay should be the one to question O'Malley when he's on the stand. They play hot potato for a bit -- no, you! No, you! No, him! In the end, Eugene stands strong -- Lindsay would be the most effective. Rod furrows his brow. Ah, he's concerned about his wife. It's about freaking time. How many psychos have to chase her down dark alleys for him to realize she's a magnet for DEK's fertile imagination? Yawn.

Those Gap commercials are even fun when you watch them on rewind.

The Empire Of Rod. He and Lindsay are in bed, talking. Blah are you okay, blah yes blah. Why is she wearing pink lip gloss to bed? Rod says, "I can take the direct." Lindsay answers, "I'm fine." He reaches out a hand and says, "He really scared you, didn't he?" How many psychos are there in Boston? Does every single psycho in the States end up as a client of The Firm? Why is it that when the psychos are on the show, they aren't "friends" of the Firm? Here's their client list: psychos, and friends. Who all manage to gruesomely murder people and then stalk Lindsay. Yawn. Yawn. Yawn. Lindsay turns around to face her husband: "The way he looked at me." Insert The Creepy Crazy Cannibal Soundtrack. "I'll tell you this, Bobby. He's not faking. I looked into those eyes and they're the eyes of insanity." Blah truly crazy blah.

Cue Lannibal's testimony. Lindsay asks, "Did you know these women?" Yes. He'd met them. He didn't "know" them. The lawyer continues, "You'd met them at Hannigan's." Lannibal answers, "Yes. They weren't particularly kind." How did he end up seeing them get killed? Well, on each occasion, he followed them and he saw them be abducted by "the other man." Lindsay asks Lannibal to describe "the other man." Lannibal didn't get a look at his face, but he was tall and lanky. He abducted the women? Yes. He would follow "the other man" as he forced the women into his car and drove them to the pier. This is where he would stab them. Then he'd drive off. Lannibal was always too late, apparently; "there was nothing to be done" because the women were dead, so he ate them. The gallery twitters. Lindsay asks how the women ended up in the basement, and O'Malley explains that he drove them there. Lindsay: "And sir, can you tell the court why you would eat these women?" Lannibal responds, "Because they were so beautiful, like you." Lindsay looks uncomfortable as Lannibal continues, "The Book of Genesis tells us that woman came from man, when man consumes the woman, it makes him one with her." Okay. And Helen's trying to argue that this guy isn't nuts? "By eating them, I know they will go to heaven because I am going to heaven because they'll be going with me." Now there's some roundabout logic. He continues, "You'll be going to heaven, Clarice." Then he smiles. The music continues. Lindsay: "You think my name is Clarice?" He grins some more. Lindsay rests.

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