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Helen rises on Lindsay's crescendo. She asks her questions from the table, but first she pouts her puffed-out lips above the microphone: "What did 'the other man' do with the knife?" Lannibal doesn't know. Helen tries to make a point about the murder weapon being carefully disposed of after the crimes, which indicates that "the other man" was a seasoned veteran. Lannibal goes way off topic: "You sucked my fluids to make me one with you." Helen takes a deep breath. Then she launches into the whole went-to-work-as-Lawrence-O'Malley argument. Why didn't he tell people he was really Lannibal Hector? Lawrence responds, "It makes it difficult to invite somebody over for dinner." Helen banters, "That's clever." He bullies, "Would you have sexually engaged with me had you known my true identity?" Helen ignores him, and continues with her line of questioning. Why didn't he go to the police? Well, he didn't want to become a suspect. He didn't know what to do. Now, he's trying to help. Lannibal continues, "Instead of persecuting me, you should be looking for him, especially since --" Pause. Pause. He glances over at the Table D-Fence. "He's planning to kill Clarice." The gallery twitters again. Lannibal stares at Lindsay, who looks incredibly uncomfortable.

The fake reporters are all a-flutter as the lawyers leave the courtroom. No one says a word. They climb into the elevator, and it begins to move. It's a very noisy elevator. They never use "elevator noise" unless they want the scene to appear "quiet." Rod asks, "Are you okay?" Lindsay mumbles that she's fine, only she's not fine. She's not at all fine…

…because when she gets back to The Firm, she yells, "I don't want to win this case." Pause. She throws her briefcase on her desk. "I don't want him going to some state mental facility that he can break out of in a week." Bobby sort of mumbles "okay." But Lindsay keeps on screaming. Blah doesn't want to win the case blah. Then she stomps into Rod's office and shuts the door. Rebecca, forever advising Bobby on his lack of interest in his marriage, says, "You should go in there." He listens and pads off into his office. Lucy says, "Eugene. Can I talk to you?"

In Eugene's office, Lucy tells him that she's got a friend in the coroner's office; apparently, there's an unsolved murder that happened seven weeks ago. Lucy continues, "Twenty-eight-year-old woman stabbed to death, found behind the Marriott, last seen alive at Hannigan's Bar." Eugene is surprised: "Seven weeks ago?" Lucy responds, "Lawrence O'Malley was in custody then." Ouch! Anvil! That's my toe. Get off my toe. I know you're antsy, but you've got to hold on. It's not quite time for me to hurl you into the television just yet. You might have to hold on until next week, okay?

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