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Next up is Charlotte Sometimes, doing the Goo Goo Dolls' "Iris," and I think she messes up a lyric, but since she's obviously going home tonight I'm not going to rewind in order to be nitpicky. She puts on her angry voice halfway through the song, which doesn't really seem to fit the theme of this tune, but again, she's going to be working at Denny's next week, so it's hard to kick her when she's going to be so clearly down. I'll make sure I tip her well when I drunk-stumble in to get a Moon Over My Hammy in the middle of Jersey.

Jordis is doing "Wild Horses," which should be a slam-dunk for her. The Stones are completely within her wheelhouse. She's got that desperate near-breakdown thing going on. That seems to work in her favor. She's very emotional when Carson comes to comfort her.

Carson asks Christina who she'd save, and she non-answers for a while, until Carson prods her for a name. She eventually goes with Jordis. Cee Lo and Adam both easily go with Jordis with no rambling. See Christina, it isn't that hard. I just know she's going to run over with these live shows and I'm going to have to break that platter hat over her heard. Blake says he loves all of them, but he goes with Jordis as she did the best of the night. I'm sorry Naia, I loved you and I'll totally throw some cash in your hat on the beach. Blake hops up on stage to tell his two losers how much he really cares about both of them, and doles out hugs.

It's Team Christina's turn to impress their mentor in the Somebody Save Me round, Ashley de la Rosa starts screaming "Paris (Ooh La La)." I like the song, but not all the cutesy eye-rolling and winking she's doing as part of her performance. It makes her come across very young, and like she should be on a Disney Channel show. Maybe that will appeal to Christina's roots.

Sera Hill is doing "Vision of Love" and I cringe before I even hear a note. I'm not sure she's got Mariah's chops, and this song has some really big notes that could go really wrong in the glass-breaking way. Well, it seems like she's taken it down a few steps, so it isn't quite as high-pitched and almost within her range. I still can't remember Sera from one episode to the next, but she doesn't sound terrible, and she throws in about a billion runs at the end, which has to appeal to run queen Xtina.

Moses tries singing "Breakeven." Tries being the operative word. Much as I'm sure he listened to the judges telling him to sing more, I think he is better off doing something that showcases his hip hop style more than THE SCRIPT. There's nothing remotely edgy or innovative about it.

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