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We then see Toby and Sam standing in one of the incredibly sun-dappled offices these staffers all enjoy. (An aside: while I am nowhere near as enamoured of Rob Lowe as Sugar Larry apparently is, I find him much more tolerable in this show than he's been anywhere else I've seen him. ["Even Atomic Train?" -- Wing Chun]) They are dithering over a document (a speech, presumably) with which neither of them is satisfied. They go back and forth until Josh drops by to find out whether they've heard anything about the banking bill. Josh doesn't know what, he just claims to be "hearing some stuff." Toby and Sam haven't heard anything and appear unconcerned, although I wonder why when Josh asks Toby, "I shouldn't be nervous?" that Toby gives a unreassuringly shifty look when he says no. Josh leaves, not seeming entirely convinced. Toby and Josh go back to fretting over the document and decide to seek assistance. Toby asks, "Somewhere in this building...is there a talent?" Sam confidently says "Yes," and you just know the next scene will be...

C.J.! She's standing over her computer when that irritating Elliott, I mean Danny, appears at her door to try to roust the story about the President "roughing up" the VP in front of the Cabinet. C.J. wants to know where he heard about it and he tells her that if she's got fifty cents she can read it in his newspaper, and in the same breath asks her to dinner. (Note to writers: I appreciate a half-decent try at Howard Hawksian romantic banter between adversaries as much as anyone, but please...leave Danny out of it. Here's a thought: CJ and Toby. Yes. Go with that. ["Word." -- Wing Chun]) C.J. denies the story on the record, but off the record admits, "What else is new?" Danny returns to his date-getting agenda and begins to badger her with his various dating attributes: good-looking (matter of opinion, Danny boy), likes food, lively conversationalist, good at kayaking...at which point C.J. bursts out "I can't!" and Danny thinks she means kayaking, so he says, "I can teach you." C.J. finally spells it out for the clueless: "No, you idiot, I can't have dinner with you." I have trouble understanding why any member of the Washington media would not understand the conflict of interest it presents for both of them, but whatever. Danny says okay and wanders off.

We encounter VP Hoynes holding to a cluster of media types regarding an Internet hoax, which involved a couple of guys posting false information about a little start-up company no one ever heard of, which resulted in the stock closing out as the twelfth-highest trade issue on the NASDAQ index for that day, despite that fact that the hoax was exposed and market corrections made. Hoynes announces: "This just in: the Internet is not a fad." Personally, I simply don't know what to make of this startling information. ["Apparently the VP is campaigning to be Captain Obvious." -- Strega] As the Veep leaves this mini-briefing, Danny chases after him to ask about the cabinet ruckus. Naturally Hoynes denies everything but Danny (surprise) persists which prompts the VP to mention that he's had this recurring dream about killing Danny. Of course he says it in a slightly jocular way but for that moment I liked Hoynes a bit better, since I think I'll be having that dream too. Danny continues to buttonhole Hoynes and Hoynes continues to firmly deny until Danny finally lets it go and the Veep breezes off.

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