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Cut to C.J. asking Sam about the rumour about the Cabinet ruckus. Sam wants to know if someone's talking. As they're doing the walking and talking thing they happen upon Mallory who's been standing there waiting for Sam (and wearing a pretty fab coat that no one on the average schoolteacher's salary could probably afford, but I digress...I guess Mallory still gets an allowance). C.J. takes off and Mallory and Sam go to his office. She broaches the subject of the Beijing opera tickets with Sam, who is clearly about as thrilled at the prospect of a night at the opera as I am at hearing "Achy-Breaky Heart" one more time. Sam tries to clarify: "You're asking me out on a date." There's a bit of back-and-forth on this but Mallory finally spells out in big shiny letters why it's not a date: "There will be, under no circumstances, sex for you at the end of the evening." Thoroughly apprised of the situation, Sam replies, "Well, uh, like most people, I am an absolute nut for Chinese opera, the Chinese being known the world over for their soaring and romantic melodies [way to dis the Chinese, Sam] and what with your guarantee that there won't be sex, I don't see how I could say no." Mallory says she'll come by at 7:30 for him. Sam, however, feels the need to point out to her, as she leaves, that if she hadn't come along with her offer of Chinese opera and no sex, all he would be doing is watching Monday Night Football, "so this works out great for me." Mallory is undeterred.

Commercials: Lactaid Ultra will allow you to eat Mt. St. Helen-sized mounds of ice cream (do they make a pill for the clogged arteries, though?); toothy animated character loves his toothbrush; hunky guy in field with giant toy airplane is having a regressive episode in the most pretentious cereal commercial I think I've ever seen; cute messy kids are no barrier to driving a sporty Alero; aged jocks banter about McD's Gretzky promotion (note to Gretzky: please GO AWAY. You are more annoying now than ever); ad for local news program.

Back at the White House, C.J. and Sam wait for Leo in his office. C.J. is chomping gum, which Allison Janney manages to carry off in a way that is completely non-annoying. Leo comes in and is straight to the point: "What do you need?" C.J. goes first and mentions the Cabinet meeting problem. Leo claims it's nothing but C.J. wants to know, if it's nothing, why is Danny Concannon bugging her about it? Leo wants to know who talked; Sam insists it was the VP. Leo seems annoyed but unsurprised.

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