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Cut to an incredibly pastoral sunset shot of Washington. The President walks into Leo's office, where Leo is lying on his couch reading a document. Jed seems to be at loose ends. He's not ready to go home since Abby (the First Lady) is away. He asks about Leo's breakfast with Mallory. The Prez tries to explains why Mallory being pissed is justified, since despite the demands of Leo's job, Mallory had a right to expect her father to keep her mother happy, not make her cry. In his inimitable way, Leo responds, "You really threw some sunshine down on that one. Thank you sir." Jed says he'll be right next door all night. Looks like Leo will too.

Commercials: boring car ad: Hallmark schmaltz; commercial for the new Maytag Gemini oven that I am coveting; another ridiculous car ad; commercial for Cold Squad (Canada's X-Files).

Back at Josh's office, Donna, who should probably know that Josh doesn't want to see Mandy, delivers him to Mandy on a platter anyway. Mandy strides in her with slightly odd walk (which, I've realized, reminds me ever-so-slightly of Cathy Walsh's Babe Bennett character on This Hour Has 22 Minutes). Naturally she's there to hassle Josh about the possibility of the banking bill being vetoed if they can't get rid of the land-use rider. Mandy thinks this is stupid and asserts that Josh doesn't care about Big Sky. He admits he doesn't give a damn about it but he doesn't care to send the signal that Republicans can slap them around any time they want. Mandy responds that she thinks it's about the fact that when Josh is combative it "juices up" the President and he knows it. Josh doesn't really have a comeback for that and says he'll keep it in mind. Mandy says he won't, because he never does. Just then Donna calls Josh to a meeting and obviously relieved, he's outta there. Mandy calls after him, "I'm not done with you." Yeah, we bet.

Cut to Leo's office: Charlie approaches. "Mr. McGarry?" Leo tells him to please call him Leo and Charlie agrees to try. He wants to ask Leo about a birthday message that is needed for the deputy transportation secretary's fiftieth birthday. Apparently the President usually sends letters for such occasions. Leo tells him to give it to the communications department. As Charlie is leaving, Leo reconsiders and tells him to give it to Sam. Ruh-roh! Charlie runs into Sam in the hallway who begins blathering away about having gone to the gym (though why he'd need to with the constant walking everyone does on this show is beyond me), showered, shaved and shined his shoes. Sam announces that he expects the opera to be excruciating. Charlie is finally able to get a word in edgewise and hands him the birthday card assignment. Sam's incredulous, naturally, but decides he can manage this before Mallory shows up; he barks a bit at his staff, and disappears into his office. It's 7:10 PM.

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