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Sunrise at the Nugget. People practicing music at Zax, so I guess it's past 9:01, when the beat gets down. Jenn wanders in wearing the latest in Britney Casuals: jeans, that goddamned pink cowboy hat, stupid clear J. Lo sunglasses, a sheer asymmetrical paisley top, and another one of those almost-sweater things with the one drawstring across the chest. Oh, and a coffee cup from a certain well-known franchise, and a white leather purse from Target. She's tracked down and questioned by Wolfie, Matt "Velvet" Dusk's manager, who I don't remember from the premiere as looking quite so much like something that crawled out from under something else. He's very creepy and scary and The Others, with the unshaven track-suit look of a porn aficionado, and even this weird accent. Is it German? East European? British? The music practicing is so loud I can't tell.

But sweet Jenn Eyre, pure of heart and clear of shoe as she is, doesn't bat an eye, and explains that she's there for practice. "You sing?" "I sort of sing." "Well?" "Not terribly well, no." Which is pretty awesome of her to say. "We'll be the judge of that," precious. She says the thing about embarrassing herself again, making it clear that she thinks she is the Princess of Wonderful Singing but simply too modest to say so. But then she actually does embarrass herself: "When I saw Matt onstage, and he was singing? And he was doing great," like he needs her to validate his amazing talent, "it did inspire me, and it made me nervous at the same time, because," get this, "I haven't done half the things that he's done, to get where he's at." And the punchline: "Or even attempted to." It's the ways in which Jenn's kind of self-aware that make me like her at all. But, sadly, it's the ways in which she is not that will ultimately result in her murder. She realigns this whole venture in this moment -- an interview, remember, meaning that it takes place after the auto-da-fe we're about to witness -- to the tired old Road Rules line about how the point wasn't to succeed so much as it was to prove to herself that she could do it. Which is always patent bullshit. ["Also, on some level she clearly thinks her own incompetence is cute and appealing, which bugs." -- Sars] Matt "Velvet" Dusk soothes her troubled feelings and tries to get her to sing "They Can't Take That Away From Me" with him. They're alternating lines, okay, but after every line he sings, he has to physically point out the next line for her to sing. Like, she never really understands the totally arbitrary pattern he's throwing at her. She doesn't sing...truly badly. No. She sings's like, "sexy" and "breathy" and not very in tune. While this is going on, we get shots of every single member of the band, and Wolfie, looking like they're about to vomit.

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