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Interview: "That was a nightmare. I'm a hairstylist, I'm not a hooker." And Ta for the title, mate. Will you go fucking be a hairstylist now, though? Or do you still want to try every other entry in the ITT Technical Institute booklet first? "I'm Jenn, I'll be your stripper-slash-A/C repairperson." Tim and Tom stand by uselessly as Tim lectures Tom, who is of course in total REM. "We just can't have these guys in here, Tom." "No question about that," mumbles Tom. Cigarette in hand, Tim points out Ernie to Security, in their blue jackets. The color scheme thus suggests that somehow Security is the opposite of Valet, because they're the same fucking jackets. Security guy points at Ernie, getting his attention, and then shakes his hand in the direction of the door, like a flight attendant pointing out the exits. There is a creepiness, having to do with the rote nature of it all, how Ernie bows his head that the jig is up and rounds up his Brides and departs, and Security basically make the "starting a campfire" no-no finger gesture at him, and not a word is spoken. Like he should know better or something.

Weird. Okay, Jenn's at the bar with this very wise woman who is sadly not Lesbian Dealer Lady and whom I've never seen, who talks like a tarot reader. "I don't know what to do. I've had it up to here with people thinking that I'm something that I'm not" -- talented? Marketable? Motivated? -- "and I would never even get near." I think "Arm Candy Technician," even if it did exist, would be pretty much the definition of being "near" prostitution, but okay. "You know, you've come to Sodom and Gomorrah, you've come to Sin City, you've come to where there are no rules and nobody gives a fuck." Weird Tarot Lady is so very poetic as these lines come rolling out of some secret poetic place within her. Who the hell is this lady? Is she an angel? "Right. It's not where I want to be." Word, Jenn. "I want to be with people who actually give a fuck. People who care." Well, wrong town and wrong lifetime for that one. "Well, you're in the wrong town [HA!]. The forces of evil are out there." I would love it if this role were played by Matt "Velvet" Dusk, or that midget psychic lady from Poltergeist: "You've come to where nobody gives a fuck, Carol Anne. The forces of evil want you for their Arm Candy! They are out there!"

"They certainly are," agrees Jenn, "and I draw it." "I know you do," Weird Tarot Lady agrees, although there's no way she does. "Yeah. It's been interesting. It's a learning process." "It is," Tarot lady sagely nods. "I'm a work in progress right here," Jenn says, referring not to her plastic surgery, I think. "You are a work in progress, my darling. Choose and make good decisions for yourself." This old lady is like the Aslan of Vegas. "I get it, I just have to apply it," and maybe you could start with making just one good decision for yourself. That's all I'd ask for, to start with. Our last interview with Jenn tells us all she's learned, and it's not a hell of a lot: "I guess there's a very fine line that you can walk, in between [sic] being an escort, and Arm Candy. It's too easy to go the other way though [due to my lack of will, so strong that I can't even hold onto a melody when someone else is singing], so I'm just trying to stay away from it. Vegas is Sin City. And that's not for me." She walks out of the Nugget, out of Vegas, out of Nevada, and back to Portland Oregon, where all the truly healthy people live.

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