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Like this, like how the whole time Alicia's meeting with her, she's having this ongoing fight with her new office's intercom system, which runs through the phones and yet somehow is connecting to somebody else's office, a mean man, and so they are having this whole conversation about 13224 and how Alicia wants her to help defeat Bob Balaban because she can't trust her firm all the way right now, so Elsbeth Tascioni says that they just need L/G to kill this criminal case, and stall Bob Balaban until then, done, I like your outfit, let's meet again later. But the whole time they're doing this, the mean man is just sort of lurking on the intercom, yelling at intervals, and then suddenly he starts barking like a dog into the phone. And it's like, that's just a regular old day for Elsbeth Tascioni, that somebody would do that. She can handle chaos because she is the magical Pigpen of it.


Will's meeting with Dana and Cary is fairly amicable for about ten seconds and then they're like, "Sorry, but remember how you stole $45,000 from a client's account to make up for a bad bet that one time?" It gets cold and everybody is kind of sad that they have to be there having this conversation.

Dana: "We're not after you, Mr. Gardner. Even if we wanted to be after you, it's not our jurisdiction. We're after your client Lemond Bishop."
Cary: "Crystal meth is a nationwide problem that has hit Cook County particularly hard. Lemond Bishop is ground zero for meth..."

They discuss how since Bond they've had this fiction about how his "legitimate businesses" are obviously laundering fronts, which I'm glad they said it finally but I'm still confused as to why he's still a client at all, I guess money. Will gestures Caitlin to come in there so she can get a load of a couple of ASAs -- "Excuse me, one ASA and a Deputy," heh -- committing a criminal act in front of her, trying to coerce him into breaking privilege.

SA: "There is no privilege if the attorney becomes aware of any illegal activities that his client intends to commit in future."
Will: "Oh so this was like a helpful little visit to remind me about basic shit."
Dana, verbatim: "Yes, a reminder. With teeth!"

Ha ha ha! Nice. I like this Dana more and more, especially when she says shit like that.

So yes, the threat is that even though the 45K is out of their jurisdiction, they will still get him disbarred if he doesn't work with them on the Bishop thing. Which makes more sense as a real story than a cover story, because the actuality Will investigation makes even less sense now that they've put all that business on the table, but I guess the whole point of stressing the RICO part of this is that Lemond Bishop is only one of many different ways Peter is going to come after Will. Anyway, Caitlin sparkles about how exciting it is to be in a law firm or whatever, and Will is just like, "Yeah, it's a fucking blast."

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