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Look At All This Paper!

A three-man snowman band wearing top hats is playing old Romany tunes in the quadrangle. A group of brown bears smoking cigars sits down to a poker game at the nearby bistro seating area. The birds all start singing that British Airways song from Lakmé, but the words have been changed to lyrics from the Green Day musical. A tiny man in a three-piece suit rides by on the back of a pig. Elsbeth Tascioni.


Alicia: "You want me to what?"
Elsbeth Tascioni: "Yeah, I was thinking about it all night! I like your jacket but anyway I really need your help with one of my clients, an insurance company."
Alicia: "The fuck are you..."
Elsbeth Tascioni: "You might find these files and folders interesting. Wait, those are my colored pencil drawings of fairies riding raccoons. Nope, and this is just fruit leather and not a document at all..."
Alicia, verbatim: "And I'm doing this because?"
Elsbeth Tascioni: "Your monitor is going to ask you what I said here when I handed over these files. And I just want you to be clear about what I'm saying."
Alicia, slowly: "Okay."

"I need your help on this insurance case because I'm swamped. Look at all this paper. Phew! I need help."

Alicia: "That's what you want me to tell him?"
Elsbeth Tascioni: "No, that's what you will tell him, because that's what you heard me say."

Then it's just a puff of rainbow smoke and crystalline chuckles and she's gone.


Will ambushes Peter on the steps of a building! He won't look him in the eye! He just paces like he imagines he is a tiger of muscle trapped behind a wall of civility. Guess it's that time of the year when Will acts all tough and we pretend to go along with it.

Will: "Ya comin' after me? Mr. Clean now, ya comin' after me. Unbelievable. You believe this guy? Mr. Clean over here."
Peter: "I am not coming after you and I'm sorry if you got that impression."
Will: "You sent them to my office tryna turn me with this old BS about 45K dollars? Fuck a buncha 45K dollars, I will dick you up. Dick ya right up, son."
Peter: "Chill, man."
Will: "Fucking go scratch. Ya not above it, Peter. I don't care what conversion you had in prison. You're in the mud, kid, just like the rest of us. The mud! Ya in it!"
Peter: "Uh, I'm not the one who... You know what, fuck it."

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The Good Wife




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