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Lieutenant Matthew Curt, Army intelligence officer, authorized the use of enhanced interrogation techniques on Danny -- but Zschau objects that this is only material to the civil case, which is dropped and thus the circumstances of his detention are no longer relevant. The response to this -- that Zschau claims to have evidence against Danny and they need to know where it came from, overrules the objection: Without Curt offering any reason for the interrogation, the arrest and its ensuing interrogation are inadmissible. But Zschau and Curt stick to the same old Classified Information Procedures Act, and so their case is dismissed. Done. Boom.


Grace is up Peter's ass about whether they're getting a divorce, and he's like, It's kind of up to your mom since she's the one that threw me out, and Grace is like, I think she's doing okay without you, and that's the problem, because you're both going to Hell. And the worst thing about Hell is, No gay people.

Peter: "I want to do the right thing, but sometimes it's hard to know what the right thing is."
Grace: "Well, you should just ask me!"
Peter: "I hate ... so much... about the person you choose to be."

Meanwhile, what on earth is going on with Dana Lodge's career? I can't fuckin' wait to find out, can you? Well, I have got a surprise for you: She was not actually being hired. Much like how Martha told that firm that she was getting hired by Alicia and eventually got so betrayed for a Caitlin that she ran into the tardive dyskinetic arms of Louis Canning, Dana has thrown so many premature parties and now, what. She even told her mom.

Cary offers to tell her mom for her that it was a mistake, and it's kind of cute but suddenly Peter shows up -- fresh off deciding to remove himself from the L/G investigation, as a happy and classy result of the talk with awful goddamn Grace -- and the three of them go into this weird terrorist-recruitment mode about how they all have a reason to destroy defense attorneys: Cary got passed over for some old MILF even though he was king of billable hours, Dana Lodge barely exists except as this Schrödinger's Cat for defense attorney's legal caprices, and Peter, well, Peter was threatened by a tiny sassy little Will Gardner today, who is maybe lunching his wife, and he is not happy about it.


You've seen real ones and you've seen fake ones, and if that's a joke that you enjoy hearing more than once you might enjoy seeing an "awesomely cheesy" eighties type of sex harassment workplace video. I'm not offended or anything, I just don't laugh at jokes I've heard before. Anyway, Diana's revenge, and also the fact that the lines of dialogue in the video are more than a little reminiscent of their first hookup, not that they're paying attention to any of this: Will makes sure to sit up front, with Alicia, as a sign of solidarity.

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