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Look At All This Paper!

Dana: "...Except for my one, right?"
Peter: "Who are you and why are you here?"
Dana: "I worked on this one long-term investigation with Matan for two whole years and even though tomorrow is my last day, I don't want you to cut it."
Everybody: "Aw, is today your last day? We didn't know that because you haven't been talking about it in every single scene for the last thirty thousand episodes."

What it is, though, is interesting, because what it is is a RICO investigation into corrupt defense firms. And why that is a big deal is because last year, Blake Calamar (boo!) walked in there and said that Will Gardner borrowed $45,000 from a client's account to cover his gambling addiction. He put it back, like Celeste told us before, but Blake's cover-up didn't quite get the job done. Even more interesting is this:

Cary, wrinkling his cute little nose: "How long ago was this? Will Gardner is an outstanding person and I don't like you going after him."
Dana: "Fifteen years."
Cary: "Fifteen years ago Will lived in Baltimore and worked at a firm with Celeste and had only just begun healing from his and Alicia's first bout of bad timing. Will Gardner may not be a saint, but he is certainly not a demon. Fifteen years may not be twenty, but it is certainly not ten. Baltimore may not be London England, but I do know one thing, and that's that we live in Chicago. Not our jurisdiction."
Dana: "Wow, so I guess you are gay for Will Gardner? Anyway, it points to a pattern of abuse among the attorneys at L/G."
Peter: "On the one hand, even I think that is a real damn stretch. On the other hand I didn't get Abercrombie over here the Deputy position because I don't have a corrupt obsession with Will and his firm. I am going to have to think about this."


For this part, the word lunch is replacing the word fuck. As always, the word phone is replacing the word call.

Diane: "Will, I am phoning you to explain how we have to prove that Danny was at that top-secret camp without actually being able to see anything related to that top secret camp."
Will: "That sounds hard, partner of mine."
Diane: "Kalinda has an idea."
Alicia: "Lunching of course she does."
Will: "Be quiet! They think we are having a meal, not in a hotel room getting our lunch on."
Diane: "Will, also this means that we are going to start shit with the AUSAs. Like maybe really piss the government off."
Will: "They are in charge of everything, even how creepy they are. It's scary."

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