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Look At All This Paper!

Balaban: "Okay, is Daniel Marwat involved in your trial strategy sessions? Has anybody else been involved, other than your firm lawyers, in these strategy sessions? No one of Middle Eastern descent? No? Then who is Kalinda Sharma?"
Alicia: "She's an investigator with our firm. But she's not... She's an employee."
Balaban: "Right, but she's not a firm lawyer and that was my question."
Alicia: "Oh. I see how it's gonna be."

Balaban: "It gets weirder. Marwat ever receive remuneration of any kind from overseas? Ever make calls overseas? No? But you have seen him make calls, right? How many occasions? Was he speaking English? Was anybody at your firm close enough to say what language he was speaking? Ever mention the Afghan region of Badula Qulp? Could you please make a note if he ever does in the future?"
Alicia: "Bob Balaban, you are amazing to look at. It's like Middle Earth is real and elves are real and magic is real, or as if Tim Gunn were real. When I look at you I hear Steely Dan. But you are not going to make me do your Treasury investigations for you."
Balaban: "Fine. Come back later so I can menace you some more."
Alicia: "I hope everybody on this episode says 'Chinese Wall' a bunch of times. We haven't repeated that word over and over in a while."


Diane does one of those all-hands meetings where they all cheer and groan in unison, which is always fun on this show when they do that.

Diane: "The good news is, they complied with our subpoenas."
L/G: "Yay!"
Diane: "The bad news is, they depo-dumped us."
L/G: "Groan!"

A dump truck as big as six skyscraper floors backs up to the conference room and millions of tons of secret court proceedings come flooding in. Almost entirely redacted. And yet they have to scour them because sometimes the censors miss something, whatever, this will end up being important later and they'll explain why it's happening in more detail. Their aim: Find a governmental official involved in ordering Danny's arrest and torture. An actual person. (The way they find this is almost as annoying as the first-name-last bit from last week, but whatever.)

What's funny and is interesting is, this episode is about the AUSAs and Treasury feeling their way around L/G's privilege and us getting outraged about that, because the point is that Danny is a tortured American. But if this show were called The Good AUSA and we were focused on state interests, then this would be about a defense law firm feeling their way around clearance levels and checks and balances, and us getting outraged about that.

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